Monday, November 21, 2011

November Food Spending Week 3, Meal Plan Week 4

Last week's meal plan is in the books.  Here is what actually happened....

SUNDAY--Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
MONDAY--Spaghetti & Homemade Meatballs
TUESDAY--Teriyaki Salmon w/ Veggie Fried Rice
THURSDAY--Kielbasa, Potato Salad, Cabbage
FRIDAY--Chinese Take-Out
SATURDAY--Take-Out Pizza *at behest of Hubs and #2 son

No Breakfast for Dinner night, Chinese take-out instead.  No Squash casserole night because I never got to the Product market last week for said squash, so we had leftovers instead. And I was out voted on Saturday and a pizza was ordered(using a gift card).

Last week was all about many little food shopping trips revolving around....say it with me!....GRAVY!
8 transactions at Weis Markets(aka Evil Empire)and 1 trip to the RSS(aka Restaurant Supply Store)for blue cheese dressing(aka PRECIOUS).
Total for all the food shopping last week came to $91.07.
That sure sounds like A LOT of $$ to me, but look at what I got for that amount.....
93 cans of gravy
21 cans of soup
1 bag stuffing
4 bags of croutons
6 bags of frozen potato/onion rings
2 bags of salad
2 cans of pineapple
4 bags of cheese
8 containers of sour cream
2 cans of cranberry sauce
5 3-packs of yeast
11 single packs of yeast
2 boxes of broth
1 applesauce cups
2 boxes of pie crust
2 bags of green beans
1 gallon of dressing
1 14-cut cheesecake
1 turkey
The only thing missing is a Partridge in a Pear Tree.....
If I saw it all sitting out together I'd think I did good.  I need my visuals people!lol

My savings percentage was 72.40% last week, as the reg. retail was $329.84 on the groceries I brought home. 
My running total spent for the month is now at $213.52, which leaves me $36.48 to stay within my $250 monthly food budget.  Ok, I "really" have $39.48 since I have $3 in rebates this month to throw into the food kitty....which is how I handle rebate $. 8-)

This week's menu.....

SUNDAY--Pot Roast, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions w/Gravy
MONDAY--Tilapia, Squash Casserole, Sweet Potato Fries
TUESDAY--Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Salad
WEDNESDAY--Tacos, Veg.
THURSDAY--Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner
FRIDAY--Chili or Leftovers

Items needed for this menu.....Yellow Squash, Bell Seasoning, Rutabaga, Sweet Potatoes, Celery and Milk.  I have $20 in store Rewards I have to spend by Saturday or lose them, so I'll get as much of this as I can at the ShurSave store.  
This is the last food shopping Week in the month.  Between the free $20 rewards and the $39 I have left, I think I'll be able to stay under budget for November...yay!
Unless of course, I start jonesing for some more Gravy! lol

So have you run out of food budget yet this month?
Or do you have lots of cash left?



  1. I have $4 left, but I have all the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner and fruits and vegetables galore, all spices I need. This last bit will go for a gallon of milk this weekend with change to spare. I can probably buy one Cella Chocolate covered cherry. Those are my favorite because they don't have the white goo inside.

  2. Sluggy, since my check these days are direct deposit and then Fred handles all of the accounts, I have no idea if we have any cash left or not. I wonder if we're rich! I should totally ask him.

  3. PracticalP--$4 should get you to the end of Nov then. Love those Cella cherries too! ;-)

    Mark--You SHOULD totally ask him. Then he would obsess over a chart or spreadsheet for days to show you your money and not do anything else in the house....and your eyes would glaze over while the steam comes out of your ears. Oh, nevermind, just take my word for it, you are filthy rich!lol

  4. I forgot to ask, what is Bell Seasoning?

  5. After hearing about all the gravy.....I really want some gravy.


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