Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Every Day I'm Shufflin'........Shufflin' Crap Around the House!

When you watch this think of me.....shufflin' crap around my house, cleaning and clearing it out and off to charity!

Cranking up the volume and shufflin' off to the living room to sort through more crap now....



  1. Cleaning house and getting rid of stuff is a life long battle. I think my crap has sex and then I get more crap!

  2. I would absolutely pay to watch you shufflin through your house wearing your glitter skinny jeans.

  3. Out my Window--The key is NOT to leave your crap alone in the dark. No crap sex out in the light of day, right?lol Thanks for stopping by!

    Mark--It would cost you dearly...not so much in cash but the searing your retinas would receive. *snort*....glitter skinny jeans.....


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