Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO!.....Did I Scare Ya?.......Happy Halloween!

Looking back at Halloween when I was a kid.....I can only remember 1 costume I wore.
It was a black dress was homemade. The best part of it was the awesome Witch's hat my mom made for me. It had a paper bag base covered with black crepe paper with a brim....the classic Wicked Witch of the West model....

What made it even better was she took strips of black crepe paper and curled it and attached them to the underside of the brim, making black flowing "hair".  She also made a tassel of strips of the twisted paper and had it coming out of the point of the hat.
As I ran from house to house, my costume flapped in the breeze.
Witch Hat.

And it cost almost nothing since the paper bags were free from the grocery store and the pack of crepe paper was cheap, and the dress thing was a dyed sheet she cut up.
We weren't wealthy people so no cheap plastic costumes from Woolworth's or Rose's for us.

Yah, I thought I was Miss Thing that night! ;-)
Until near the end of the evening, some older kid grabbed my hat as I ran past him, snatched it off my head and broke it.
If I had known that kicking a boy in the nuts would make him suffer back then, I so would have done that to this kid.....

Another  good memory of Halloween I have is also of my mom.  When I was about 5, she taught me a song that she was taught to sing at Halloween back in the 1930's.
I just did a little research on this song and it was a poem first, attributed to Abbie Farwell Brown, a prolific writer from Boston, 1859-1927.
I can't seem to find the tune so I don't know if the one my mom taught me is the official one created for the poem by W. Otto Miessner.

I can't remember my kids' names sometimes, but I still remember that

I'll leave you with a song from one of the Best Movies.

What are your best memories of Halloween from when you were a kid?



  1. I would use my 3 wheeler and go trick or treating with that. I got way more candy than anyone else! That is my fav memory!

  2. I would get to recycle my ballet class recital tutus one last time before winter, so I was some version of a princess (in my mind, anyway) each Halloween. One year - probably when I didn't take ballet for some reason, I do remember being a witch. Mom just took a cotton nightgown I wasn't going to wear again anyway, sewed up the rip in it and dyed the whole thing black. I don't remember what she did for a hat, but I'm sure it was cool (although not nearly as cool as yours!).

    Love Halloween!

  3. SonyaAnn--Were you the halloween go getter or what??lol

    Pretty--I don't think I was ever a princess for halloween. Now what does that say about me?lol


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