Monday, October 10, 2011

Loopy Monday.......The Drugged Up Edition

Forgive me if I space out and lose my train of thought this week.
The doctor put me on a muscle relaxer and a heavy duty painkiller.  The painkiller makes me so loopy that I can only take it if I am going to lay down.  So I take the muscle relaxer during the day when I have to be sort of coherent and/or have to drive.
Most of the weekend is a blur at the moment.  The only things I can remember are in the posts I published the last few
Rumor has it that Daughter was home for 2 days and we went out to dinner on Saturday.
Other than that and some grocery shopping & a little blog reading, my weekend was spent knocked out in bed....better than knocked UP in bed I

Today the garage guy is suppose to come replace our opener between 2 & 4.  I timed my drugs accordingly(so as not to be on the pill that makes me stagger and slur like a wino on a bender when he's here and I have to be alert and be able to write him a check).  Of course, they just called at 2 to say he will be late.....late as in between 4 and 6pm!
So much for my drug timing efforts.....

Why didn't anybody tell me there was no high school today either?!?!  So I've got a sullen teen here nagging me for an advance on his allowance so he can buy a phone, even though my policy is NO advances on allowances since from past experience it never ends well for the payer.  I gave him extra work I need done in the yard to earn some cash but he'd rather complain that I won't advance him allowance money than go outside and do the job for 'fresh money'.
Where are my ass kicking boots?

I sat down to start my October receipts list and found I didn't report in a trip to the local Shur Save Market on the 1st yet.  A trip to the tune of $64.68 for $97.52 worth of regular retail foodstuffs including ground beef, chicken, frozen veggies, breadcrumbs, juice, lettuce, bananas, apples, sherbet, milk, cheese, chocolate chips and cornstarch.

Then I went to Big Lots on Sunday, as they had a 20% off One-Day sale.  I got $90.33 worth of food and with the discount prices and 20% off additional(as well as some of the food was on clearance for 50% too), I paid $50.33.  Some of it was junk food for #2 son but I did get some good deals on 'real' food.

And my grand plans for this coming Weekend, involving the Grand Toy Sale in the garage?
Hubs had to move everything in the garage so the Opener Guy could get in there and remove/replace the dead Opener.  I wasn't able to get ready for the sale last week due to my back and not being able to get to the toys and shelving in the garage(waiting on the repair/replace guy)and now the whole garage is disorganized and a HOT MESS.  "IF" he shows up and gets the opener replaced today, that gives me Tuesday-Friday to get everything together.  And I can't bend over and carry heavy stuff which means Hubs and #2 son will have to do most of the organizing now so that cuts down the amount of time left to get it done.  And now it looks like rain is due in on Saturday....ugh!
I just don't know if this Toy Sale is going to happen at this point.
I don't want to stress out and be frantic over this but if I commit to this weekend, it's gonna be STRESS-CITY here!
And the work I've already put into prepping for this has me just crazy and depressed and wanting to through in the towel.

I think the pain is talking at this point, don't you? ;-)
As soon as the Repair Guy leaves and/or Hubs gets here, I'm taking a big old Loopy Pill and crawling into bed and not thinking about any of this Sale again until tomorrow.

So what's on your plate this week?



  1. If the sale is in the garage, what is the problem with rain?

    I have been thinking today of getting pills for the pain and maybe a few muscle relaxers since I can do nothing without almost falling down and wanting to cry.

    Hope you get better soon and don't look too much like a wino. Remember to get the decimal point in the right place on the

  2. Lucky you! Getting all drugged up and it's legal too. So, you are having problems remember things, huh? I hope you recall saying that you would give me a 1,000 bucks. Remember? huh?
    Anyway, I'm sure I'll get that check any day now.
    Have fun with the Opener Guy. Those drugs might make you easy.

  3. PracticalP--Rain will keep the buyers away some. And we won't be able to throw stuff on tables on the driveway.
    No worries on the check, by the time the Opener Guy was done Hubs was home so he wrote the

    Mark--Of course I remember and next week I am taking you to the red deer farm here and you can pick out your 100 bucks. snort
    Drugs sort of make me easy.....since they make me sleep and not remember


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