Monday, October 3, 2011

This Old Blog

With my computer being rendered deader than Charlie Sheen's humility last week I lost all my FAVORITES.

I'd appreciate it if anyone who reads this could leave me the addy for your blog in the comments section.

I feel like Bob Villa today with having to rebuild everything around here. 
Bob Freaking Villa I say.....but with less facial hair!



  1. I would freak if I lost all of my favorites!!

    I hope that you get your "This Ol' House"/new computer in working shape soon!

    Bob never really did the work, just supervised and the blonde guy did most of it. Maybe you could find a helpful blond guy? (just sayin) ;)

  2. I know that you cant live without me(grain of salt taken)



    But, I don't know if I was one of your favorites....sniff..sniff

    That would soooo annoy me....losing part of my blog.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. B-Kat--Thanks for dropping by today!
    Yah, Bob never did the work, Norm did. Something young, male and purty that doesn't talk...and handy, VERY handy. ;-)

    Judy--I don't know how I ever got along Before I found you....smooch!!! 8-)

    PracticalP--Yes, you were on my favorites so stop (PS thanks for the other comment but I had to remove it because it was 20 feet long...triple

  6. Of you know me old Sluggy old girl , we old gals have to stick together!

  7. That really blows that you lost all your favorites. I love the google reader. You should try it out.

  8. OH GOD what a terrible mess! But you found me so the world is good.

  9. Marilyn--old? maybe....ancient? of course!lol

    Free!--Like Marily said, I am an old dog so no new I think I have google reader but haven't used it in ages...thanks for the memory jog. You know us old folks...can't remember anything...

    SonyaAnn--Oh, I could never lose you! I'd just follow the sound of you cursing the money hemorrhage west of

  10. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry and don't know what happened. I blame it on blogger.

  11. I'm guessing you probably can't forget my URL even if you want to ;)

  12. Just found your blog.... will be returning!

  13. Thanks Lisa and welcome. I've been reading your blog for awhile now....found you through Judy I think. ;-)


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