Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Together Giveaway!

If you are a woman, or you know women, then you are bound to have Breast Cancer affect you at some point, in some way, during your lifetime.

My mother had 2 breast cancer scares with tumors that turned out to be benign thankfully.
But I do have a few friends who have battled and are survivors of this disease.
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, one of my online friends lost her 5 year battle.

So when MyBlogSpark asked me to post about the 2011 Pink Together Campaign I was more than happy to oblige.

  • Visit to share your personal story and messages of hope and read about others’ personal journeys. To encourage personal connections, General Mills will donate $1 to the Komen organization for each Message of Hope that is sent to someone who has shared their story on (up to $25,000) during October. This is in addition to a $2 million donation General Mills is making to the Komen organization. 
  • This year, for the first time in its five-year history, at consumers can choose how $1 million of this donation will be shared between two important Komen programs: the Treatment and Assistance Program, which assists women in securing care they otherwise may not be able to afford, and Prevention Research, which helps unlock the keys to preventing breast cancer. Visit from September 19, 2011 through April 14, 2012 to make your choice. Results will be announced on Mother’s Day 2012 – Sunday, May 13.
  • Meet the 2011 Pink Together Survivor Ambassadors, and hear their amazing stories of courage and survival on and the Pink Together YouTube Channel.
  • General Mills will also be turning the packaging of participating products pink in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. 

I have been supplied with a Prize Pack as part of my participation in this Pink Together Campaign.
MyBlogSpark has also supplied an identical Prize Pack for a Giveaway to one Lucky Don't Read This; It's Boring! Reader.


Here is what you can Win...
    Your prize pack will contain:
  • A 16 oz. box of Total cereal
  • VIP coupons valid for one box of Cheerios and Multigrain Cheerios cereal and one cup of Yoplait yogurt
  • Betty Crocker Living with Cancer Cookbook Pink Together Edition, which includes a collection of more than 150 delicious recipes with complete nutrition information and a 32-page Pink Together Survivor Ambassador bonus section that shares inspirational personal stories of survival as well as recipes
  • Water bottle and removable silicone awareness bracelet
  • Drawstring sport backpack
  • Rhinestone ear buds
And Here is Your Mandatory Entry.....

  •  Leave a comment about "How you have been touched by breast cancer".  Be specific or be vague, whatever you are comfortable sharing.
For additional entries....Go to and check it out.
  •   Then leave a comment on "How you have interacted with the community on" for one additional entry.
  • Leave a comment about what you find most inspiring about the Pink Together community for another additional entry.
  • Leave a comment on which Susan G. Komen program you feel most passionate about at for another additional entry.
  • "Like" Pink Together on Facebook then come back and Leave a comment that you did that for one additional entry.
  • "Follow" Don't Read This; It's Boring! by clicking on the FOLLOW Bar on the righthand side bar, then Leave a comment here for one additional entry.
  • Post about this Giveaway on your own Blog or a Message Board/Online Community then Leave 3 separate comments here for three additional entries.
  • Follow me on Twitter.  Here I am.  Leave a comment on this post that you are a Follower with your Twitter name/id for an additional entry.
  • Tweet about this Giveaway on Twitter.  Leave a comment on this post with your status link for an additional entry.  This entry can be done once a day for more entries.
There you go.....11+ ways to gain entries!  Do one, do them all or something in between.  It just depends on how much you want to win this. ;-)

This Giveaway will be open from the moment I hit the publish button until Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 11:59pm ET.
On October 16th, I'll borrow some extra fingers and toes to tally up all the entries and use Random Org to pick a winner.

And this is open to those with US mailing addresses only please.

    Here is the Legal Mumbo Jumbo.....“ The Pink Together prize pack, information and coupons have been provided free of charge by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”
    I have not been paid to promote this campaign or feature this giveaway, but I did get some cool prizes.

    So get busy and Good Luck!



    1. My mother-in-law passed away with breast cancer, quite a big impact on everyone in the family,

    2. Well, well welcome to the twitter world! new follower, @marilynjaegly,

    3. Tweet:!/marilynjaegly/status/121662326121299968

    4. I'm a long time google follower, well at least the last what 20 years?

    5. My grandmother had breast cancer.
      littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

    6. I like Pink Together on fb
      littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

    7. But Im already a follower


    8. of course i posted about your give away on my blog


    9. of course i posted about your give a way


    10. of course I said three right..sigh


    11. I know someone who has had breast cancer.

    12. I included you in my blog post!

    13. I included you in my blog post!

    14. I included you in my blog post!

    15. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. After surgery and treatment... so far it has not returned. dawnhild at gmail dot com

    16. I did an internship at a hospital program that fitted bras to breast cancer patients. It was an incredible experience.

    17. I left a comment on a picture over at Pink Together.

    18. The most inspiring thing I saw over at Pink Together was the women all supporting each other.

    19. I blogged about the contest over at

    20. I blogged about the contest over at

    21. I blogged about the contest over at

    22. Tweet:!/marilynjaegly/status/122738182835027969

    23. Tweet:!/marilynjaegly/status/123528281994706944

    24. Tweet:!/marilynjaegly/status/124166709149048833

    25. My maternal grandmother suffered and died of breast cancer over 10 years ago now. She was a strong woman who cursed and drank like a sailor and it was sad to see her suffer so.
      Your Friend, m.

    26. Two of my aunts and a cousin have all survived breast cancer.

    27. I have a friend who is battling breast cancer.

      Deb G.

    28. Tweet:!/marilynjaegly/status/125262654561456129

    29. My mother passed from BC at the age of 43. I was diagnosed at 27 and am now a survivor

      saryn p at

    30. I watched the movie Five today. It was a crier. Moving..

      homeandgardenparty4u at yahoo dot com

      google won't let me enter . . . ???


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