Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can I Go Back to the Beach Now?!?!

The view out my back door on October 29th......


6 inches and counting.......



  1. Our snow is mostly wet, and is not sticking! What.a.mess. I'm definitely not ready for winter!

  2. I was in Pittsburgh this morning, and the exact thing I said when I woke up and first looked out the window was ... What the %*(@ ?????!!!!

    And then I drove 3 hours home in the storm that dumped all this. That was a fun trip. Soooo glad to be home :)

    Stay warm!

  3. Sheila--Keep laughing woman, keep

    LisaPie--Well you are more than welcomed to come shovel this gorgeousness....lolol

    Sharon--I would welcome wet about now!lol

    Pretty--What the heck were you doing in Pburgh? Glad you made it home safely tho. Didn't you get the memo that this was coming?lol

  4. T just called from Kutztown they have no power or water or heat at the college. ITS OCTOBER PEOPLE..THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING


  5. It is lovely! I am not laughing and I am not shoveling snow!

  6. I'm pretty sure the Weather Fairy missed the memo that it is still OCTOBER..WTF??

  7. So glad we haven't had snow or any very cold weather yet. I'm just not ready for it (and for the record...will NEVER be ready for it.)

  8. Honestly, I need to retire and move to Florida. I can't handle it any longer.


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