Monday, October 17, 2011

and the Winner is.......

I used Random Dot Org to select the winner and it selected Comment #20, which makes the winner.....

Free!~ said...
The most inspiring thing I saw over at Pink Together was the women all supporting each other.
Congratulations Free!~
You have won the Pink Together Giveaway!!

I need you to email me your name, address and phone number(it's a MyBlogSpark thing needing a phone number) privately within the next 48 hours(from the time this post goes live)so I can get your information to the folks who are mailing out the prize.
If you fail to contact me within the time frame then I'll have to pick another winner from the pool of entries.

Thank you to everyone who entered and I have another Giveaway on the boards, ready to launch as soon as I can get to it, so stay tuned!!



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