Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy This! Why Tea Partyers and Occupyers Should Get Together

RE:In regard to what is happening in America these days.....
I don't care what your political bent is, you really should go read THIS.

This Mr. Root guy just makes too much sense to ignore.

"Unfortunately, while part of the protestors’ message is right, their solution is all wrong. By demanding more government regulations, they are playing into the hands of the big corporations, banks, and politicians they despise." - Wayne Allyn Root

If we voted in ONLY those politicians who did NOT have huge war chests of cash from fundraising amongst the "1%" and their corporations, we could effectively vote out all political/corporate cronies now entrenched into our system.
Then we have the new Congress institute term limits=no more career politicians.  You put in your 4 or 8 years and then go back to private life like the Executive Branch is suppose to and like our Founding Fathers did.  -
While we're at it, we also have the new Congress vote themselves into "our" Social Security plan and whatever "our" healthcare plan is to be.  If it's good enough for the local welfare single mom, it's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue's resident.
Then we scrap the IRS and come up with a flat tax system....that extends from the federal tax(to fund federal programs) to each state's tax system(to fund what the state is responsible for).  Somebody call up Steve Forbes for his input on this. ;-)

We put spending caps on government and them balance the budget like the private citizenry, who has to live within their means.
Congress and President who don't balance the budget, well they get sacked/cut/fired for non-performance of job and we call up the Second Team.
No wait.....that's sports.....

We make a system where EVERYONE is this country has "skin in the game".....meaning, they are responsible for the success and/or failure of this country and they are held accountable at some level.

Oh, it's fun to conjure up the perfect world if I was the one running things......

The point is, I don't care what political party you belong to or don't belong to.  It's time to get serious about fixing what is wrong in this country and stop hiding behind ideologies and party planks and the whole "my way is the only right way" and "I don't want to give up what somebody in power said I was entitled to even if I am not really entitled to it" thinking.

Class warfare is just a way for the Powerful and Corrupt to keep us enslaved to them.



  1. Will you run? You are oh, so right about the govt living under the same rules we do. I had a job with federal health benefits once upon a time. My co-pay was $5. Prescriptions were free. Surgery and a night in the hospital, taking out half my thyroid cost me out of pocket--$10 or $15. After they asked me to leave the job, I had benefits for 30 days, drug coverage for one year. The 8 mammograms (problems)and the thyroid surgery all happened after I left. Is this what all federal employees get? If I had known that, I would have gotten a federal job at all costs years ago.

    They do follow the Golden Rule--Those with the gold make the rules.

    How do you propose those with limited funds get elected? It seems that money=influence/power and influence/power=money. How do we get away from that since we would have to wrest power from those in control? It sounds as though a violent revolution is the only answer, not that I am advocating that.

  2. You should be in charge of the 99%! Everything is just getting out of control anymore. The thing that pisses me off is that they keep saying it was a recession and it is over. Why don't they use the same formula they did in the 30's and you will see that we are still in a depression. When you are in charge make sure they stop lying to us!! All hale sluggy.

  3. Oh Sluggy, I've never seen this side of you. I like it!

  4. SLUGGY for President! I'm conjuring up a poster... hmmm.

  5. PracticalP--If we make having lots of money to spend on a campaign bad, then all the wannabe politicians will run screaming AWAY from the corporations, celebs with deep pockets and their lobbyists handing out big checks. Then they aren't beholden to these financial supporters when voting on legislation or handing out jobs. And since the politicos will only be around 4-8 yrs tops, gleaning favor with them for future favors will cease as well.lol

    SonyaAnn--Whoever is in power will lie if they don't have a moral core unfortunately. And those in power will cook the numbers in the books so they can lie about a recession being over or unemployment being ONLY 10%, or what numbers constitute the poverty level, etc.
    Thomas Paine is looking more and more like the wisest man who ever lived.....

    Mark--It's my dark side. What can I say?....I am multifaceted.....

    McVal--Hey I'm with Groucho Marx on this one. I would never want to be a part of a club that would have me.lol


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