Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Storage is Done!...Well, For Now......

See this photo here.....
This photo means I have physically gone through every box in storage.
Go me!
Remember what that area looked like before?....
Crammed full as far as the eye could see!lol
Now?....there is an echo if you talk in there.

Here is what is left....
The stacks on the left going to the back are stuffed animals, beanies, etc. that I need to dispose of.
Daughter's dollhouse is also to the right of those boxes.
The tubs stacked up in the center back are fabric.
The tubs/boxes to the right of the fabric are some toys bound for eBay.
The tubs in front of those boxes are more fabric.
And in front of all on the right is my excess tp/paper towel stash plus excess toiletries.

Obviously the Toy Sale didn't happen last weekend as I wanted it to.
It was a combination of my back issues which meant I didn't get everything done in time.
The rainy weather was a factor too.
#2 son also had a band competition on Saturday.

This weekend we are expecting nice sunny weather and no band practice/competition.
I have made strides in getting items cleaned up and shelved in the garage and if I can get Hubs to drag heavy tubs of toys around the house for me, and the drugs don't run out, this sale might actually happen.
I hope I'll be ready by Saturday!
I need to get some flyers put up in town still and the ads online on Wednesday or Thursday.

I am making plans for whatever doesn't sell already......yah, I am a geeky planner.lol
I can try selling some on the local online selling board.  That's the first notion but I don't have high hopes for that idea.

After that, I may make some of this available on a different online group.  It revolves around providing free Holiday gifts for those who can't afford them for their kids.  It's a statewide group but I'll need some of the 'angels' on that group to come up with some cash donations for the shipping costs to get the gifts to any towns not close by.  We'll see how that goes....

If none of this pans out, or if all of it does and there is STILL stuff leftover, then I'll be giving more stuff to Toys for Tots and/or Salvation Army.
Then I have all these white plastic shelving units to get rid of, so they will probably go to SA also.

I do still have a TON of items eBay-worthy besides the ones in the photo above.....and they are all sitting in my living room now!

To make this more of an "Ugh" moment.....2 days after I finish the sale, I have company coming to stay here for 2 days.
So just when I'll want to fall into bed from exhaustion, I'll need to clean out the living room and clean the house.

I just need to drink...... ;-)



  1. You're a Wonder Woman!
    Way to go!
    I scheduled off yesterday and was able to get together a ton of stuff to get rid of. It was the best day ever.
    Enjoy that sale and of course, the company.

  2. Great! Why not just sell the shelving. That way, you get money, don't have to lug it anywhere, and can enable/help another person with food/supply storage. Actually, with back and time issues, I would sell the remainder dirt cheap to see it go away.

  3. Mark--Oh, how I wish I could have been there yesterday for your best declutter day ever!
    Can't wait to see the piccies.....

    The sale will be endured rather than enjoyed, as will the company since it's Hubs brother and company.lol

    PracticalP--The toys ARE being sold dirt cheap....garage sale prices, remember?lol I will sell the shelving but not until the toys are gone because I can't have someone buying the shelving while I still need to display the toys....so I'll put signs up that they are for sale.
    Thanks for the nudge!

  4. Awesome woman!!!! Did you find the Lost Ark in there somewhere while you were at it?

  5. hmm now if you only had little peoples nativity that my sister is searching for everywhere because her bff lost her in the flood I would so be there.


  6. McVal--No, so Arks, sorry. I could have used it last month when the county was underwater, right?lol

    Judy--NO FP nativities here. Though I did have a Veggie Tales one at some point.lol

  7. You rock Slugmama! What a difference! Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do. Congrats on your accomplishment.


  8. You and Mark should marry! Both of you are amazing.

  9. You are my hero, Sluggy! We don't have a storage room, but I wish we could get rid of some clutter. Of course, it is all Hubby's stuff. LOL!


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