Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Shoot Me In The Head Next Time!

Well, obviously, since I am on the computer this morning and NOT out in the garage running my Toy Sale you can guess that the said Toy Sale is NOT happening.
Lots of crap is aligning around here that has just made it not possible to have this Sale.
And I've been feeling quite depressed all week because of this.

I don't do well under stress anymore and things around here have been stressing me out a LOT!
Hubs reminded me, right in the middle of my panicked "I've got to get this up and running but nothing is working out right" state that we don't NEED the money this Toy Sale might bring in.  And I had my doubts that we'd make much anyway.

So I said "screw it!" and pulled the plug on the sale idea on Wednesday and said haul it all off to charity.
Besides, we NEED the tax write-off more to get us over the standard deduction amount so it pays to itemize instead of taking the standarad deduction for our filing status.
One of the big drawbacks of being middle class and having a paid off house is that it's difficult to have enough deductions to itemize(unless you live somewhere the property taxes are Very high and/or you have out of pocket medical or employee costs)without that mortgage interest deduction.

Then on Friday I reconsidered hauling it ALL off to charity and thought I'd attempt to recoup some cash by selling some of the toys on a local online sale site.

This is where I'll interject my post title....somebody just shoot me in the head next time!!!

I posted about 30 items yesterday with really low prices.
Now I am in the midst of dealing with people wanting things and having to arrange pick-up/drop-off days/dates/times.
There goes my weekend.....

And one of the many fun perks of dealing with people locally is dealing with the crazies.

For example...I posted my items with prices.  As things are spoken for, I repost an updated list of what is left.   So everybody can see what is still for sale.  Sounds sensible, right?

I had a post of 12 dolls.  I sold 10 of the dolls so I updated and reposted that 2 of the dolls were the only ones still available.  This email was posted with the original email copied below it.

This morning, I get an email reply on that repost that says this.....
"Wanted other things. TY."

So what the hell is this person saying?

1. Did they want the other dolls that I sold already, but felt the need to email me and tell me they wanted what I sold already and don't want the ones still available?  If so, why do I freaking care??!!
2. Do they want the things that are left?  Or do they want "other things" that I am not selling and I'm suppose to be clairvoyant and KNOW what they want?  In either case, why do I freaking care?

I also had 2 people ask for dolls that were already sold....they sent their emails as replies on the post where I said that these dolls were sold already!!
Give it a minute to let that one sink in......

After today, I am so DONE with this......seriously.
Take this crap out of my house before I change my mind



  1. Well I wont shoot you in the head but I will giggle..but in front of you not behind your back. I have given up on most yard sale ideas except for the one we have that is our whole block in the summer.

    Besides that I just bundle it up, put it right in the car and take it to st vinnies. Out of my house, out of my mind.

    Hope your week gets better

  2. Selling stuff has become such a hassle that we just donate it too. We don't deduct for it, though, since we never have enough to itemize.

  3. OMG I hear you! We are dealing with the local selling thing right now. I just listed 7 hens for sale and a guy came to get them, we rounded them up, stuck them in his truck and I asked for money. He said, "Oh, I swear to God I thought they were FREE." What? The price was in the subject line of all 6 emails that we exchanged.

    Seriously, what is with people?

    Ok, sorry, just had to get that out. ;)

    Hope things get better for you soon!

  4. This is why I only sell large things on line any more. And still, I deal with folks feeling the need to write to me saying that my prices are too high. Yep, off to charity it goes! m.

  5. Judy--Thanks for giggling WITH me not AT me!lol
    Thankfully the week is mercifully over with today!!!

    Frances--If you had a mortgage to deduct you'd be able to get there, but it's hard for us non-mortgage folks to get over $11,500 in deductions to itemize...bleh.

    Lorie--Thanks for coming by to comment today! Seriously, everybody seems to hear and see only what they want to hear and see, right? Dealing with people nowadays is akin to being pecked to death by a flock of geese--a long and painful

    Mark--There you go again....selling your large thing online. No wonder Fred doesn't want you blogging! ;-)


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