Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Bought in September.....A Big Boring List

My good blogging buddy, Annie Jones, over at Real Life Living posts what she buys every month. The way she tells it, it shows people that she really does get a lot of food for the little amount she spends each month. You can eat well and still be frugal.

I think it's helpful to see it all written down in one place so you can gauge how you are doing with the food money each month.

So I thought this was a real good idea and decided to steal borrow her idea and post all the food I buy in a month to feed my family of 3-5.
Besides, I am a big fat NERD who likes doing this!

For September, we had 3 people at home--2 adults and a 15 yr. old teen boy. 
 I stockpile items when they are rock bottom price, so besides the obvious fresh produce & dairy, this list is not necessarily ALL we ate in September.  We may have items on the list we didn't buy to consume this month and we may have eaten many items already canned or in the freezer from past stocking-up.  But it shows you how far you can make your money go by buying on discount, bulk, sale and paring coupons and/or rebates with the deals.

Here's the food items, including pet foods, I bought in September for an out of pocket of $249.12 after $22.99 in rebates.
This list doesn't include the toiletries I bought at Rite-Aid since I didn't pay 'real money' for them. ;-)

Chicken, Whole 4.5 lbs.
Chicken Breast  2 lbs.
Ground Beef   4.5 lbs.
Sweet Sausage Patties  3 lbs.
Turkey Lunchmeat  .33 lb.
Lebanon Bologna  .5 lbs.

Salmon  3 lbs.

Salad Greens   3 bags
Watermelon   2
Lettuce   1
Onions   4 lbs.
Grapes  3 lbs.
Potatoes  10 lbs.

Milk gallon   1
Sour Cream   1
Cheese   2lb. block
Ricotta Cheese  2lb.
American Cheese Slices  2 packages
Ice Cream   4
Gorgonzola Cheese  .5lb.
Eggs  1 dozen


Bagels  2
Bread   6
Hamburger Rolls   1
Hot Dog Rolls  1
Muffins   3 containers

Brown Sugar   1lb.
Pancake Mix  1
Flour   1

Doritos   3
Pies   4
Potato Chips   4
Popsicles  1


Gatorade   16
100% Juice  2
Soda   2 12-packs

Frozen Pizza  13-most were small/individual sized
Frozen Onion Rings  1
Whack Biscuits   3
Frozen Veggies   11 bags
Frozen Chicken Strips  5
Ravioli   4 bags


So what foods did you buy in September?



  1. My 14yo would love your list...indiv pizzas, doritos, gatorade, soda...& it would save me some $$$ :) Personally I like the salmon & cheeses.

  2. Sheila--LOL...if you didn't guess it already all those things your 14 yr old loves were for my 15 yr old. ;-)

  3. You need to inventory my house. I think that would make you so happy!

  4. Do you keep a list of what you buy, or do you just keep the receipts? I guess I mean do you keep the list as you go along or make the list from receipts at the end of the month. I forgot I was keeping track in September!

  5. SonyaAnn--I don't think so.....I use to hate taking inventory when I worked retail...blah!
    Loopy drugs make me happy. ;-)

    PracticalP--I make the list up at the end of the month, from the receipts that I keep.
    It's easier that way for brain addled


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