Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Spending for Week 3 & Meal Planning Week 4

Last week's meal plan is in the books.  Here is what actually happened....

SUNDAY--Country Fried Steak, Roasted Potatoes, Green Bean Almondine
WEDNESDAY--Barbeque Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Rolls
THURSDAY--Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Sauteed Cabbage
FRIDAY--Scrounge whatever you can find
SATURDAY--Chinese Take-out

I only cooked half of what I had planned.  #2 son didn't want to eat the nights Hubs wasn't home so I just had soup or leftovers.

I spent....sit down for this...... $148.60 at the grocery stores last week.
I did the Kraft Deal at the local store 3 times.  How could I not when it gave me bags of shredded cheese for $1.87?lol  I also bought canned veggies for half price, cranberry sauce on sale, bags of sugar to get to $30 to earn a $10 Catalina(not quite there yet)and some on sale frozen fruit bars, chips and some soda to hide from  #2 son.  I am also working on my Thanksgiving Voucher at this store so all things being equal, I'll be going there until Thanksgiving to spend the grocery money.

I also used my $10 in Redner's Cats to get 3 bags of sweet potato fries and 3 jars of pasta sauce for .14¢ OOP.  The $5 Weis Cat was used on 3 bags of burritos, leaving me an OOP of $5.01.  I am going back up to Weis today since the burritos were advertised as 3/$10, but my receipt has the amount it took off keyed in wrong in their system, so they came out to 3/$10.01.  I am going to have them make good on their "if it rings up wrong on sale, you get your money back and the product free" guarantee.

Hubs just shook his head at me and said, "You are REALLY going up there because you were overcharged a penny?", when I told him my plan.
Damn right I am! lol

My savings percentage was 45.83% last week, as the reg. retail was $274.32 on the groceries I brought home.

This week's menu.....
SUNDAY--Baked Catfish, Crab Cakes, Hush Puppies, Coleslaw
MONDAY--Kielbasa, Onions, Sauerkraut, Rolls
TUESDAY--Chicken & ? or ?
WEDNESDAY--Lasagna in the Freezer or ?
THURSDAY--Hot Dogs or ?

The Brother-IL is staying here for 3 days and we are bugging out for a mini-vacation so I have little control over the menu after Monday as he will cook what he wants.
When we get back I'll whip up some meals or have what we didn't last week(like the Chicken & Dumplings and/or Quesadillas).

At present, my October food spending stands at $459.82 with 7 days left in the month.  I've left $400 in the dust and am creeping up on $500 for the month...which is double what I usually spend.  Between laying in a few things today for BIL, nephew and #2 son and leaving them some cash for necessities I forget, $500 is gonna happen at least.

I'm hanging onto a 55.22% savings rate over regular retail for October.  Hoping to stay over 50% for the month when all is said and done.

How much have you spent this month on food/toiletries?
Has it been an expensive month or a cheap month for you?



  1. $181.47 for food only, but I'll shop one more time before Monday. It should end up being an average or slightly-higher-than-average month for us.

    I have no idea about household/toiletries/pet food. I haven't tracked it for quite some time, but my hunch is we're doing about average there, too.

  2. I think that you are still doing a very good job. Times are tough but we are tougher!
    Have you been to Rite-Aid at all lately or are we not allowed to talk about this?

  3. Look, I don't know how much we spent. I don't do the shopping. I'm not the "girl". All I care about is that when I open the fridge door, there better be food in it. Or someone's going to get a whoopin! m.
    p.s. Please don't tell Fred that I wrote this.

  4. I spend 300.00 for the whole kit and kabodle(is that a word) but that is all we have since we are on the super tight budget.


  5. @ mark Im telling Fred..Im telling Fred..and I am skipping around while I am saying it



  6. AnnieJ--yah, it's Annie J! You always do so well on your food spending. Making me look like a total loser in the process is just a BONUS!lolol

    SonyaAnn--Rite-Aid??....what's a Rite-Aid?!?LOL
    I haven't even missed going there. It seems like YEARS but I so don't need anything from there still so I'm good. ;-)

    Mark--Oooo! Somebody's gonna get it.....

    Judy--Making me look like a spendthrift w/my $500+ overspending just makes you more of the SuperWoman by comparison that you are. ;-)

    And I just knew you'd tell on Mark!!lol

    SonyaAnn--Maybe he's just lonely.

  7. Cheaper than last month! But then again, we had the wedding dinner to buy for then. I'm trying to be frugal this month...

  8. I have spent close to $100 this month on food and toiletries. I am absolutely broke, so spending screeched to a I could have done without the sugar and pimientos. The car is empty, on fumes. I bought Revlon Color Silk hair color on sale at Walmart for $3.14 with a $1 peelie. How could I not resist buying about 8 of those.I don't have any milk or gas, but I do have my priorities straight! I did splurge $1 on ten emery boards. I thought they would be horrible, but surprisingly, they are really easy on nails. Emery boards and hair color...Mark, that is what I want!

    While I rarely wear even lipstick or any other makeup, I do have to have those two items.

    Ex bf might buy milk, but he would never buy 8 boxes of haircolor. Right? He is taking home 4 freshly-roasted chicken thighs and half a roast, so he won't mind. There will be a ton of vegetables for him, too, all cooked.

    A trip to recycling in the morning will get me more than milk money.


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