Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can You Stand Some More Decluttering P*rn?!?!

Ready or not, here it comes!
Just the pictures because I don't even want to talk about this stuff.  It's bad enough I have to show you the photos....

It struck me today as I shot these photos that I have Clutter Bulimia.  I use to buy shit and now I am purging it. 

I am well on my way to becoming a Minimalist.....well, except for that whole high end technology snobbery/hoarding(My Apple product is superior to your "fill in the blank" and I am allowed to spend huge amounts on them and replace them freely as new items come out so that I have every Apple related product on the planet but have only 3 pairs of pants but it's because I spend ALL my money on technology because my priorities are so screwed up, not because I believe you should only own 3 pairs of pants so you can save the planet, because if I thought saving the planet was important, I wouldn't be supporting the over consumption of technology products and the precious metals it takes out of the Earth and the slave labor that is harnessed to harvest the raw materials)thing they do.

Ok, so maybe I'll never be a Minimalist...until they get over themselves.  ;-)

80 more items to chalk up upon the Clutter-Free tally sheet....yippee!



  1. I am impressed! You and Mark are my idols in this,since I am slowly getting rid of all my crap, my moms crap, my grandparents crap, my great grandmothers crap. See a pattern?

  2. Judy--You are to be commended for breaking the cycle!
    I'll hold your hand when it gets rough....and it will....


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