Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Sad Day

I had dinner with Jay back in mid July.  You might remember this photo I posted from that trip.

This would be the last time I would see Jay.

He passed away early this morning I've been told.
My heart is just breaking.

We have lost a gem....... a truly good man who gave more than his share to this world and those in it.
I just don't know what to say beyond that.

You WERE loved while you were here Jay, please know that.

Rest in peace my friend...........


Rebates are Da Bomb!

Last week on my first trip to Rite-Aid when I bought the razor pack, bottled water and 4 Suave 'poos, you remember, right?
Anyway this trip turned out even better than I thought it would......

The deal was this..........
The Suave 'Poo is 2/$6 and you get back $3 in Plenti Pts. when you spend $10 on this item.
So 4 bottles cost me $12(over the $10 threshold), minus 1 x $3/2 Suave ManuQ(from Sunday's inserts) + minus 1 x $3/2 Suave Load2Card Q.
$12-$6=$6 + $3 in Pts. back.
BUT.....there is a SavingStar electronic Q for $3/2 Suave 'Poos so I'll get $3 in a cash back rebate in that account making this deal $12-$6Qs=$6-$3 Pts.=$3-$3 Savingstar rebate=$0.
Free 'Poo!

I got notice of my rebate this morning and not only did I get the $3/2 Suave Q clipped to my SavingStar account but another $2/2 Suave Q clipped to that same $5 back instead of $3 back in rebates, making my free 'poo now a $2 moneymaker 'poo!

Yes it's the little things in life that make my heart sing sometimes......


September 1 Net Worth Snapshot

We are $8,044.51 up from last month's net worth(only cash/investments, as I don't count housing or car values). 
Most of our money is no longer in the market(being so close to having to live off of this money)so the recent roller coaster ride on there hasn't affected our retirement monies much.

We are also $123,222.31 up from one year ago, the September 1st of 2014 net worth.

Imagine what our retirement accounts pile of money could do if interest rates weren't almost nil.
Bring on the Fed raising the interest's about time!
A nice run up on the rates in the next 3 years would please me immensely.....