Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sluggy's Road Trip Part 9......IL Conclusion

Before I finish with our adventures let's back up a bit so I can show you this short video I took at the pie shop at the beginning of our day.
I completely forgot about it until a little while ago........

Now to continue........
So after hitting the Thrift store, we had more stops before ending our adventures.

Next up Robin drove us here......

Yes, don't be shocked but we went to a wine bar.......

Adult Slurpees?
Yes please!


A classy joint this......

Why they ever let a couple of winos like me and Pam is beyond me! lol

Even old Abe gets into the act.  Personally I think he would have been a much better president if he had drunk more.......

Robin acting silly.
Relax she was the designated driver.....

Wine as far as the eye could see.

And we each walked out with a bottle of this one......

Caramel Apple Wine

I want to know why alcoholic grapes cost more than alcoholic apples?
Wine has gotten crazy expensive!
I'll stick to hard cider for most of my buzzes.....easier on the pocket. ;-)

With a wine buzz it was off to see a disaster site in.......Ok, guess the name of the town?

Of course this disaster happened 109 years ago.....

We are use to coal mine disasters around here in Pennsylvania. 
There really wasn't much to see as the access road to the mine was blocked off, so we drove on.
Besides it was too hot outside the car to go schlepping through the flora and fauna.

Then we went to another town, to see the water tower shaped like a "flying saucer"......

And then to see another sight, though this one wasn't on Roadside America......

This one is not on the books.....yet. lol

Here are some close-ups of those headstones......

And sitting right in the front yard of this house is this........a nekkid lady mannequin in a bathtub with a chain around her neck(the chain is because people kept stealing her).........

Words just fail me.......

Then we were off to Pam's house since I have never been there before.  She has a cute house and she's remodeled it so nicely to fit her lifestyle.

Pam has a great garden out back too........

She spends a lot of time out here working on it when she's not volunteering at the local animal shelter.
And she spends a lot of time out here relaxing and enjoying the fruits of her efforts too.
Maybe she'll come work in my yard some day......yah, I can dream, right? lolz

This is a little fairy garden she composed......

And I got to meet a few of her cat babies.
This is Karma Kitty.......she's quite old and ill, the poor thing.....

This is the baby of the family Cleo-catra.......

Pam also has a black and white cat named Gabby Gert but she wouldn't come out of the basement for but a minute and I didn't get a shot of her.

I am patting myself on the back for remembering the names of her babies because I am usually so bad with names.....but that's with

Then we were off to dinner.  The place Robin wanted to take me was closed on Tuesdays so we ended up going to Pisa, Italy!

Ok I lied.
We didn't go to Italy.
But we did go to Verucchi's Ristorante.........

They are a landmark around here and have been for the last 100 years!
There are Battista and Mama Verucchi with Pam......

I had Chicken Marsala....or was it Chicken Piccata?
Whichever it was, it was without pasta(my request)and delizioso.

Pam and Robin got something called "Italian Fried Chicken"......???

Family Style Chicken is something that is very popular around here.....every restaurant seems to serve it.  They tried to explain it to me but I was just real dense that day.   It just sounded like half a fried chicken to me. lolz

Anyway, dinner was lovely and I had great company for it!

Then we drove back to the hotel.
Don't you love this carved bench outside the front door of the hotel?

If you can't make out the photo, the "legs" are hollow logs with bear rear ends sitting out of them. lolz

We chatted in the room and visited some more.
Robin saw this sight out the room window at the McDonald's across the parking lot........

A farmer getting Mickey D's at the drive-thru window while hauling hay.
Now that's something I NEVER see at home at my McDonald's! lolz

Then we went down to the pool and I swam a bit while Pam and Robin watched me.
Next time ladies you are all getting in the water.........

It was getting late and Robin had to work the next day so my friends bid me farewell and we parted.
It was a fun day ladies and maybe we can do it again, hopefully when you both come visit ME!  8-)


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rite-Aid Black Friday Deals

**Sonya, don't read this, it will only frustrate you. hehehe**

If you have +Up Rewards to roll, here are a list of the items you can pick up at R-A 11/27-11/29 for FREE after +Up Rewards.
Now go find some Qs that make these better than FREE and print them now!

These are posted at Slick Deals--

FREE after +UPS

 Bumble Bee tuna $1
Russell Stover singles 2/$2
Lays Stax 2/$3
RA gift wrap tape 2/$2
GE CFL bulbs $3.99
Philips earbuds $6
RA bath pouf $1.99
socks $1
RA cotton balls $2
JR Watkins lotion 5.99
Conair brush 2.99
RA pantiliners $1
RA mouthwash 1.49
RA cough drops 1.49
RA travel cotton swabs .99
RA tb $1
Nivea tin .59
Aim/Pepsodent $1

Not sure on the limits but most will be 1 per wellness card I am thinking.

There will also be a $50 Home Despot gift card giving $10 in +Ups and a choice of Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic gift cards giving $25 +Ups.....not sure how much you have to spend to get that $25 reward but the feeling is it's $100 in gift cards to get the $25 +Ups reward.

If you don't have +Up Rewards to roll and you want to minimize your OOP spending and grow your +Ups stash, then you should select a few of these to buy(I'd go with what will sell out fastest), buy them(spend money)and then roll them the next 2 days into other Free after +Up Rewards items.

For example, I'd get the ear buds(my store only as a few in stock)and the light bulb(another low inventory item here) $9.99(plus any applicable tax).  Then roll that $9.99 in +Ups and get the JR Watkins lotion 5.99, Conair brush 2.99 and the RA mouthwash 1.49= $10.47.....use $9.99 +Ups and pay .48¢ OOP, then go back Saturday and use the $10.47 in +Ups you got on Friday and buy a combination of which of the items left you want and they still have in stock that gets you near or just over $10.47.

And remember to get RAIN CHECKS on everything!  Most of this isn't stuff only stocked for the Holidays so you can go back whenever you want and get it for FREE later on in 2015.  8-)))


Rite-Aid Hijinxs

So I lied last week.
I went back to Rite-Aid again on Saturday.

I forgot we got the $3 Correctol Q so I had to go pick this up......

1 x Correctol on sale=$5.00

I used the $3/1 Correctol Q from Sunday's paper and paid with a $2 +Up Rewards so ZERO OOP.
I got back a $3 +Up Rewards making it free.

This week has been a whole lot of R-A ups and downs and it's only Wednesday!

First I went on Sunday to buy this stuff on BIL's card......

2 x VitaMelts sleep aid on sale $5.99=$11.98
1 x Colgate toothpaste on sale=$3.50

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Nature Made VitaMelts IPQ(coupons dotcom)=$6.00
1 x $2/1 Nature Made sleep aid VideoValuesQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Colgate toothpaste IPQ(colgate dotcom)=$1.00
Coupon Total......$9.00


I used $6 in +Ups and paid .48¢ OOP.
I received back $11 in +Ups(2 x $4 Nature Made, $3 Colgate).

And I forgot to hand over my 2nd $2/1 VideoValuesQ for the Nature Made.

On Monday I went back up to Rite-Aid and used my Wellness card for this stuff.....

1 x Nature Made VitaMelts=$5.99
1 x Colgate Optic White toothpaste on sale=$3.50
1 x Colgate Total toothpaste 20% wellness discount=$3.19

Coupons Used
1 x $3/1 Nature Made IPQ=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Colgate IPQ=$1.00
1 x .75¢/1 Colgate IPQ=$.75
Coupon Total......$4.75

I used $7 in +Up Rewards and paid .93¢ OOP.

I received back $10 in +Up Rewards($4 Nature Made, 2 x $3 Colgate).

Tuesday since I had to go near there, I stopped by a different Rite-Aid to look for Oxi Clean dishwasher soap and small Nexxus 'Poo tubes but they had neither.  I bought this stuff on my son's card instead.......

1 x Nature Made VitaMelts=$5.99
2 x Colgate toothpaste on sale=$7.00

Coupons Used
1 x $3/1 Nature Made VitaMelts IPQ=$3.00
1 x $1/2 Colgate toothpaste ManuQ=$1.00
Coupon Total......$4.00


When I went to whip out $8 in +Up Rewards, which I had, I found that yesterday's +Up Rewards had printed out like this.......

No barcodes and numbers!!!
I had cut the +Ups off the bottom of my receipt and never even noticed this defect until I went to pay for this order.

And being a different store from where they printed out and the cashier was not very high up on the "Rite-Aid food chain" meant she wouldn't/couldn't accept them.
So instead of paying .99¢ OOP I paid $2.99.
Double Ugh!

I received back $10 in +Up Rewards on this order(2 x $3 Colgate, $4 Nature Made).

So after running 2 more errands I stopped by my local Rite-Aid.
I handed over my $2/1 VideoValuesQ I forgot on Sunday(I had my receipt to prove I bought the stuff)and got $2 cash back.
So this offset my $2 extra I just paid out on my last transaction downtown.
Things evened out after all.  8-)

Then I showed them the +Up Rewards that didn't print with barcodes.
Seems the Manager discovered the register wasn't printing barcodes Monday evening so they know of the defect and everyone who shopped there yesterday for the bulk of the day got the same defective barcodes.
They will take them as is and we don't all have to contact the Head Honchoes to get something done about it, thankfully!!

I'll go out later today, after the truck comes with this week's delivery at Rite-Aid, and see if they got any OxiClean dish tabs and/or Nexxus in.
I had wanted to pick some up this week as both would be small moneymakers with the Qs I have & +Ups they give back this week, but there hasn't been enough product on the shelves.  ;-)
If not, I am probably done with Rite-Aid for the week unless I want to pick up 1 more tube of Colgate toothpaste which would be free after Q/+Ups.

I started the week with $8 in +Ups and I have $20 in +Ups right now.
Growing the +Up Rewards big time this week.....

Spent $2.40 total OOP this week so far at R-A and brought home $55.22 worth of stuff.



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sluggy's Solo Road Trip Part 8......More IL Fun

After refreshing drinks the girls took me to this place.....

Robin needed some yarn....when doesn't she need yarn?!?......and they told me that this store sold FABRIC.
How could I not go in there?!

And they weren't lying.......a nice chunk of the store held fabric.



Scarecrows, tin men and lions, oh my!


And I actually bought some of this one.....

Then we just wandered around and had fun......
Senora should see my flamenco dancing.

Look at the plumage on those birdies!

Pam finds more sock monkeys......

Fall garlands look cool but man do they itch!

Then we perused the Christmas ornaments.
Yes, HL had a fully stocked Christmas section in JULY.....

For your prehistoric themed Christmas tree......

Even Uncle SI was there.......

You keep right on thinking that 

Ze ornament e magnific!

And nothing says Christmas like Chattering Teeth on your tree!!
You know, I would have bought me one of these but they were blown glass and would have never survived the trip home......sigh......

I even found an ornament for McVal's daughter Meri!

Give your tree a little Día de Muertos style......

Gratuitous chicken photo for Linda......

We thought this was cool for the dog lover in your life, a doggie style Nativity set.
But at $50 it stayed right where it was on the shelf.....

A gratuitous Grumpy Cat sighting for anne marie on the way to the checkout......

Then we went next door to do some thrifting at Goodwill......

Little teddy bears that spell out ILLINOIS.
Ok, so they spelled out ILLNOS instead......

This shot is for my #2 Son.  Buying used trophies is an inside joke......

This box says, "The Most Popular Gifts for Children Special Force". 
Nothing says love like a warm toy gun.
Didn't the Beatles title a song that once?

This huge Courage the Cowardly Dog almost went home with me.
I probably would have had to ditch some of the alcohol I bought for my son to stuff him into the car.
It was a difficult decision but the low prices he was going for on eBay made my mind up for me. lolz

But this lovely item DID come home with me.
Wacky and useful and only $3.99.

Robin found a treasure too!!
Too bad she had gotten rid of her stereo turntable about the same time this treasured recording came out....

I even thought of Arteejee's Todd while I was here.......


More great record deals......

Even something for Sean .......

Robin didn't quite like this shirt(her Hubs sells the competitions goods)but I thought it was special.......

And these salt & pepper shakers were in the "High End Expensive" display?
Nobody who prices stuff must look on eBay because you can pick them up for a $5 bill there instead of the $15+ Goodwill wanted for them.
I predict these mammies will be resting their ample bosoms on that shelf for some time to come.

Then we were off for beers of the root variety.
Which took us by another water tower......

And to see Woody the Root Beer Man at the Root Beer Stand.....

Hi Woody!

Was I giving the "thumbs up" sign or the "finger" on that photo?

Robin, on the right, is quite the strong woman, holding up that big burger and all.....


Inside for beers.
Robin got a float....Mmmmmm

This guy leaving is what you'd call a "character" with that Beau Brummel look......'nuff said......

I could have waited and gotten my pork tenderloin sammich in IL.....though the colors on that sign didn't look very appetizing. lolz

I did get this cool tie dyed shirt from the Root Beer Stand however.....

I just wish they came in purple!

The owner's car was parked out back.
It was burnt orange of course.
It should have been tie dyed too......

This post is getting too photo heavy so I'll break it up here and we'll conclude my adventures in central IL next time.