Sunday, September 25, 2016

God's Country

Here's the scenery where I am at the moment.............

A few of you will know what these plants are but most I am thinking won't.

Back later with a post tomorrow.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend no matter where you are spending it.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Gary Makes the MainStream Media

If you missed it last Sunday, 3rd party Candidate Gary Johnson and VP running mate Bill Weld were interviewed on CBS's 60 Minutes Show.

Since they are the only 3rd party candidates on all 50 state ballots come November, if you are fed up with the two substandard Dem and Rep candidates you might want to take a look at this alternative choice.
Both Johnson and Weld were 2 term Governors(Johnson in NM, Weld in MA).  I think it makes sense to elect leaders who have actually run something well(besides campaigns and foundations that funnel money into campaign war chests).


It would be refreshing to have a POTUS who tells the truth and a ticket that wants to unite us and get something done for a change.

The two party system has run it's course.  It's time for a change if our country is going to survive, grow stronger and heal.

Not to sound like a commercial here but just trying to get the message out that there are FOUR candidates running, not two.  More choice equal better results and all.

I would suggest every voter, who wants to be well informed go to this site.....

On The Issues

On the Issues gives you all 4 presidential candidates's stances on the major issues plus the stances of their VP running mates.
Instead of making up your mind by listening to the media(which doesn't talk about the ISSUES but focuses on the sensational)find out which candidates align with your principles.

And make sure you are registered in time to vote.  Contact your local governement and get 'er done!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden Update.....It's Almost Done for the Year

We picked the third(and last)acorn squash last week.  Not a bad harvest for a plant I didn't buy or plant. 8-)))

Two more tomatoes were picked and eaten this week, weighing in at a combined 10.4 ounces.

One of those maters had quite the profile......

My Jimmy Durante tomato..........lolz

This brings our harvest total to 39.775 lbs for 2016 for my haphazard efforts this year.
That's from 1 squash plant, 2 zucchini plants and 12 tomato plants.

And there are still tomatoes waiting to be picked and used or processed.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Few Deals Lately At the Local Stores

Here are a few deals I did last week..... My town's Shursave affiliate grocery store doesn't accept internet printed coupons(they are still in the dark ages it seems)however the Shursave in the next town over accepts manu Q printed as well as internet printed Qs. Since I was heading over near that store last week I picked these up.....


Campbell's tomato soup was on sale for .88¢ a can there.
I printed off 2 x $1.20/4 Campbell's soup products IPQs.

Bought 8 cans, using 2 x $1.20/4 IPQs making my .88¢ a can soup now .58¢ a can.
Regular price depending on which store you shop at here ranges from $1.19 to $1.49.
At .38¢ a can I can't match that price with store brands of tomato soup even when it's on sale!

This is an item I like to keep on hand for cooking and for "grilled cheese and tomato soup" Season.  ;-)

Then Weis(PMITA)Markets had Angel Soft TP on sale for $5.47 for 16 roll packs.....

I picked up 2 packages last week and 2 more yesterday.
There are $1/1 IPQs on Couponsdotcom.  These Angel Soft Qs have been resetting every month and the expiration date is 12/31/16 so I have a stack of those Qs tucked away already this year.
Then Weis set me a booklet of Weis Qs and there was a $1/1 Angel Soft Q in that which I can stack with an IPQ/ManuQ.

When I bought the first 2 packs at the Weis in the next town over the transaction was this.....
2 x $5.47=$10.94-$2(2 x $1/1 IPQs)=$8.94-$1(the Weis Q)=$7.94.

I found an Angel Soft Weis Booklet Q sitting on the shelf at the Weis in the next town over when I went to pick-up 2 packs there so now I had a second Angel Soft Weis Booklet Q to use when I bought the second 2 packs yesterday!

So all 4 packs looks like this.......4 x $5.47=$21.88-4 x $1/1 IPQs=$17.88-2 x $1/1 WeisQs=$15.88 for 64 rolls of tp.

But add in that there is a $4 when you spend $20 on Angel Soft Rebate on SavingStar so now my OOP is $11.88 for all.

Another Weis Deal I did this week.....

If you purchase 2 packages of select Chi-Chi brand items this week you get an instant $5 off of a Ground Beef purchase.
While Weis doesn't have any really low prices on Ground Beef this week I did find some marked $3.99 lb. that were close to $5 in price.
We are always needing flour tortillas for something around here and I like the bigger ones(the ones Dollar Tree has for $1 a pack are smaller and don't work for us as well but I buy them in a pinch).
These tortillas on sale for $2 a pack were cheaper than the store brand regular price so I bought 2 packs for $4.  The ground beef was $5.43 and I had a .50¢/1 lb. of ground beef pack Weis Q(that they had mailed to me), so with the instant $5 discount on the meat + the .50¢ off Q the 3 items were $3.93 OOP.  The deal would have been a mite better had there been valid Chi-Chi Qs available as well.

The sausage on the left in the photo was an instant Meat Discount Sticker find over in the meat department- 1 lb. of Andouille Sausage reg. priced at $6 with a $3 off sticker so half price.

So I paid after sales/coupons/rebates $21.85 on $66.57 of regular retail worth of food/paper goods which is a 66% savings rate.
I just wish I could acquire all my groceries at a savings rate of 66%.    8-)

Also picked up last week--reduced ground turkey for $1.88 lb. pack and roaster chickens for .78¢ lb.
My freezer is jammed full right now because of all the great meat deals lately.  Not a bad problem to have, right?

I just peeked at the new Weis ad and they are going to be selling Kraft shredded cheese bags for $2.50, which is not such a hot deal in my book(I like to get my cheese for $2 or less per 8 oz).  But there are $2/2 Kraft IPQs on Couponsdotcom now which will bring the price down to $1.50 a bag which is worth buying at that price point so if I am find room in the fridge some cheese may be coming home with me sometime after Thursday when the sale ad changes. lolz

Have you found any great deals of food lately?