Monday, July 28, 2014

This Week on the Dining Table

The "It's Nice to be Home Again" Edition........

This will be an oddball edition of TWOTDT since I have been away from home for 2 weeks(+ a few more days).
Hubs didn't make a plan for eating while I was away, nor did he keep track of what they did actually eat. 

All I could get out of him was--
*They finished up the leftovers(Lemon Chicken w/Zuke, a massive pan of Lasagna).
*Hubs made pasta at least 2 nights.
*They bought a pizza one night and Burger King another night.
*Hubs thought he defrosted BSCB but it turned out to be pork chops, so they ate chops one night.
Hubs ate what was here basically for 2 weeks.  He made 1 trip to the grocery store and spent $36.24 on $45.26 worth of groceries.
That was it.

So I stopped for groceries on the way home on Friday and spent $29.23.

Then Hubs and I hit Wegman's and the restaurant supply store on Sunday because the fridge was practically bare by then.  This trip added $165 to our grocery spending total for July.  I could have done less damage to the food budget if I hadn't bought that 15 lb. piece of brisket to make some barbecue with in my smoker later this week. 
But it was calling my name, and my name is "Sucker for a nice piece of meat". 
I'll smoke the whole thing up and then freezer 2/3rds of it for eating later on this Fall.

Going into this week, in leftovers we have.........not much of anything except for a leftover tub of pasta Hubs cooked while I was gone and 3 bananas he bought and never got around to eating.  (I see banana bread baking in my immediate future.)

On my big shopping excursion Sunday we bought--cabbage, chicken, romaine lettuce, corn on cob, carrots, green beans, brisket, shredded cheese and will be incorporating those items into the meal plan.

Here is the plan for this week......

1.  Chicken Cutlets in black pepper sauce, COC, Caesar salad
2.  Zucchini and Carrot casserole, Green bean casserole
3.  Tacos or Taco salad(had iceberg)
4.  Barbecue brisket, leftover casseroles
5.  Fish(had), Coleslaw, mixed veggies(had)(I'll have salad instead)
6.  Burgers on rolls(had), leftover COC, baked beans(had)
7.  Leftovers of some sort

And that takes us up to next Sunday.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?
Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten that week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well I made it back home yesterday around 5:30pm last night.
I had to make a stop in Berwick PA to the Grocery Outlet and get some grocery deals....since I was driving right by it practically.

I had all this room left in the car now, since dropping off 35 bottles of beers in assorted sizes for my son in Pittsburgh and I knew Hubs did little, if any, grocery shopping while I was gone the last 16 days.

Please give me a few days before expecting me to start posting regularly again.
After all, I have tons of stuff to put away, a house to clean, a mountain of laundry to do(mostly MINE!), groceries to buy, meals to plan and eventually cook, blogs to get caught up on reading and a pile of digital photos from the trip to well as my post-trip funk to get through.

Just a few things I need to attend to, right?

I will share this photo with y'all in the meantime--

This was Sonya Ann's attempt at a group "selfie" on the night before I blew outta Illinois.
Notice that her son and DH and I are IN(well parts of us are in) the photo and she is NOT.

Yah, she REALLY doesn't like having her picture took.......

Back as soon as I am able.
Talk quietly amongst yourselves until then.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Uh Oh!

Well I am back in PA at my son's apartment.

I had some time to kill before they got home so I had to find something to do this afternoon..

I ended up at the Outlet Mall and I left with these........

And inside of those bags looks like this......

I started my road trip out with spending on fancy pants balsamic vinegars and ended it with buying fancy pants handbags.
Yep, Sluggy went a little overboard today on purses......

I blame the Vera Bradley rampage on temporary insanity, brought on by driving 3K+ miles in 15 days,

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  ;-)

Tomorrow I leave for home and my own bed......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wild Women of Illinois

I am back in Illinois now.
Hanging out at the swanky AmericInn.
Really, this place IS swanky compared to the other motels I've stayed at on this trip!

Real foods at breakfast again today......I could get use to this.  8-)

Anyway, I am waiting on Robin and Pam to arrive and whisk me off to adventures unknown.

You may think these 2 sisters are mild mannered Midwestern Illinoians, Illinoisians, Illinoits, Illinoians......oh heck, whatever the proper term is.......

               Last August in Mendota, IL

I just hope I have enough bail money on me.
'Cuz something tells me I may need it......


Monday, July 21, 2014

Frugal on the Road

I stayed at a motel last night here in Missouri.

They had a really nice breakfast too.
Not just carb loaded pastries and waffles, etc. which is the norm for these inexpensive motels I prefer to stay at when traveling.
They served fruit(2 kinds!), yogurt, hardboiled eggs, scrambled eggs and link sausages.

Of course they had all those bread products(8 varieties)too, as well as hot and cold cereals, and sausage gravy for your biscuit.

So after eating my eggs, sausage and yogurt, and drinking my Earl Grey tea, I fixed a plate to take with me on the road later today......

What you are looking at is my dinner for tonight.
Yep, this is about the first thing I've done on this road trip that is frugal. '-)

I have a cooler with me so I took 2 yogurts(which I can keep cold), 2 slices of wheat  bread, 2 tiny tubs of jam and peanut butter and a banana.

Dinner will be yogurt, fruit and a pbj sammie either along the road or once I get to the next motel tonight.
This meal will help me save the $15 or so I would have had to spend on dinner out.

That means I have $15 more to spend on "adult beverages".......

What are your frugal travel tips?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Midwest Road Trip Update

Do you wanna guess what this thing is that I ate on Saturday?

I have finished up DAY ELEVEN of my trip and here is what I have crossed off my "To Do" List.......

Go see something historic in Pittsburgh
Go to a Trader Joe's(never been in one)
*  Go have alcoholic milk shakes(again).
Go to World Market
Go have Afternoon Tea
*  Go swimming
Eat Cheese Curds
Visit at least 1 Brewery...ok, maybe 2 or 5
*  Go see some movies....Tammy.....America....Chef.....Begin Again.......or ?
*  Eat some local cheese, brats, deep fried candy bars, fried pork tenderloin sammiches, strange Scandinavian concoctions, etc.
Tour a historic house
Go to liquor stores and buy beverages we can't get here
Go to a parade
*  Learn to play the bagpipes
Go to a county fair
*  Go to Chicago for the day by train
*  Eat at Fabio's restaurant
*  Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop
Go see the Largest Walleye Fish in the World

I have also added these things to my list.......

Eat at Primanti Bros.
Eat local ice cream
Buy "Naughty" Novelties
Go Thrifting
Go to Church and don't spontaneously combust
Spend way too much money

The list is getting longer by the day.

Only 5 more Days to go before I get home.
Home is sounding real good about now but I am still having fun!

More later......