Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Great Road Trip of 2017-Part 1

Back after Hubs retired the end of June of 2017 we had BIG plans, I tell ya BIG PLANS!

We were going to take the Mother of All Road Trips from Pennsylvania to out West and back.
The trip ended up taking a whole month(mid July to mid August)and we hit many of the places/sites as we could fit into a month on the road.  We planned on knocking 8 states off our "Never Been There" List.

The first day was a long one with not much to talk about.  It involved a lot of driving and a lot of boredom.

We left at dark o'thirty on July 18th to set out on the first of many interstates.  We wanted to get to Kentucky by nightfall.  First was a stop for coffee, iced tea and breakfast biscuits at Mickey D's at home.  Then we were off down I-80!

This interesting thing was being towed Southward.  Some type of military vehicle bound for who knows where?

We hit the Maryland line from I-99 in PA.  Then it was westward onto I-68 through western MD.

 Of course we hit traffic and delays this being mid July.  Ironically this photo was taken somewhere north of the town of Accident, MD. lol

 We knew we were getting close to the state border when we saw ever larger hills to climb.....

 And then it was into "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia.
We decided to just take potty/drink breaks and not do lunch and do an early dinner.

 We found a Bob Evans in South Charleston WV off the interstate and ate there.
I got my fav Salad with Pecans, Cranberries and Chicken.

 Hubs opted for a plate of white foods.....mashed taters, country fried steak smothered in white gravy, cole slaw and biscuits.

 Less than hour later we hit the Kentucky line on I-64, outside of Catlettsburg KY.

Eastern KY is not known for it's lovely vistas, unless you consider petroleum refineries lovely.
Two more hours(through some truly lovely parts of KY)and we were in Frankfort where our motel for the evening was located.
Except our Garmin couldn't find the motel for some reason.
We did find it and once in the parking of the motel the Garmin GPS found the motel too. lol
Thanks a lot Garmin!

I took this photo through a very dirty car window of the motel.  It was suppose to be a Days Inn but it also had a Knights Inn sign in the window.  WTF?!
Truly an au courant motel......with all the talk of transgender we stayed at a motel with "brand confusion".

We got a quick dip in their not so great pool(old but serviceable and nobody else in it)then it was back to the room to settle in for a much needed sleep.

Part 2 coming up next time..........the one where I avoid getting food poisoning.



  1. No fun! Food poisoning on the trip? Can't wait for you to get to the part where I try to kill you on the high prairie.

    1. That's gonna be awhile. Now give me a reason why I should still be your friend? lolz

  2. I love these posts! - I get to do some armchair travel. what is white gravy? is it a cheese sauce?

    1. It's a flour, milk, salt, pepper(usually heavy on the pepper)gravy. Similar to the base for biscuits and gravy(but you put sausage in that gravy).

  3. Oh thank you for taking us along.
    Looking forward to the next installment.
    I would love to see the canyonlands and I had hoped we would do a cross country train trip in a few years. The virus has me questioning the wisdom of that dream now.

    1. Nobody knows what's in the future so don't let go of that dream!

  4. Love your travel posts! We are dreaming of a cross-country trip in the next few years. I'll be sure to take note of the part where Kim tries to take you out :)

  5. Was that trip really 3 years ago?? Wow time flies. Looking forward to reading all about your travels that summer.


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