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Great Road Trip of 2017.....Part Twelve/Day Eleven

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Day Eleven dawned, we rose and had breakfast, packed up our belongings into the car, bid farewell to Kim's daughter and family and headed out a la caravan style, us our car and Kim and Joel in their car.

We stopped fairly quickly for some drinks at Mickey D's because you know Kim has to have her Diet Coke. ;-)

Then we hit the road......more side rolls in this field of grain.....

Another small airplane spotted.  Probably crop dusting again........

Yep, crop dusting as he came in low over the field.

 And he was off again.......
Kim said these are storage sheds for taters...

They look like WWII era military Quonset huts to me.

A view of the Snake River along the way.

Approaching the exit for Register Rock near the American Falls.  Like Register Cliff, settlers traveling this way stop and left their names in the rock there.

1 Mile to the American Falls.....

We passed some ginormous machinery while driving along the Interstate.

A free coffee sign at the upcoming casino.  I am guessing it was at Bannock Peak Casino on the Fort Hall Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes.

A billboard for "Bull Riding Mayhem"(an event in Fort Hall, ID)and a George Lopez comedy show next month.

A sign for "Craters of the Moon" National Monument and Preserve.  That was Northwest of where we were headed so we didn't stop there.

Idaho Falls only 25 miles ahead.  We are getting closer to our destination.
Welcome to Idaho Falls......

And there is the obligatory Mormon Temple in the I say about Baptist Churches down here in Lousiana, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one.  Idaho is full up with Mormon Temples. ;-)

Another bull riding event, the "War Bonnet Round Up", Idaho's Oldest Rodeo it says.  Had to miss that one too.
We stopped for lunch along Interstate 15 in Idaho Falls at an Applebee's.   I had brought a couple of gift cards I had so lunch was on me(well, not literally ON me).

A while later we made it to Ashton, Idaho.....

We passed right by this great old oversized Frosty Root Beer Mug sign at a snack shop in town there.  Didn't stop and get my picture taken with it though.....

We passed through town there and then drove and drove into the ranchland to get to Joel's sister and brother in-law's ranch where we'd be staying for the next couple of nights.

Their ranch is a bit outside West Yellowstone and we had plans to visit Yellowstone Park.
Both Cindi and Ty were gracious hosts, good people and had a lovely ranch(can a ranch be lovely?).

After we dropped off our bags we hit the road again for Yellowstone National Park.

From the Western entrance we had to make our way through the town of West Yellowstone.
Passed by "The Slippery Otter Pub" but didn't stop.

West Yellowstone is a town full up with motels and eateries as many folks who access the Park from this side of it stay in this town.  It seems very touristy from just driving through

And there's our turn off into the Park..........

Our time at Yellowstone will be continued in the next installment........



  1. I hollered at the dead car/Baptist/Mormon temple comment… so true… lol. Wow on Joel sister’s ranch! Gorgeous scenery!!!!Cindy in the South

    1. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about your trip. I lived out that way many years ago, and it’s brought back memories. Thank you for these posts! (Kim’s family sounds so gracious, serving as “hitching posts” all along the trail!). Again, thanks for sharing. Ginger

  2. I had a class in a Quonset hut in a college in 1973. Ane, there is a business in Cullman that houses a business. Strange but true.


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