Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grocery Store Games.......Who's Got the Card? & Gravy Hide & Seek

Well my nefarious shopping plan was foiled yesterday.
This Sharsave grocer where I got the .49¢ lb. turkey with a $35 purchase last week?
It was a limit of 1 per loyalty card.
Now, for some reason I can't recall, Hubs has a separate loyalty card from mine....different numbers on the cards so I was forever yelling at him during previous years "points toward a gift certificate" deals because he'd use HIS card and not mine, so our points got split up between the two cards and I couldn't get to the amount of spending needed to get the free certificate.

So since I got to my point total for the cert. on MY card this year(plus got a $10 Baking reward to spend), I was going to use his card on Saturday(while the Baking reward deal was still going on)to get another Turkey for .49¢ lb. by spending $30 on qualifying baking items & $5 more on other sale deals.
So with the turkey being about $6-$7 after the discount, I'd spend $41-$42 and get a turkey, $35 of other items AND another $10 Baking reward to spend next week.

Ya still following this crazy train of a thought process?
I even had a list of everything I was going to buy and had it all figured out.
So Hubs pulls into the parking lot at the grocery store and I ask him for his card.....that's when the plan shit the bed.
Hubs had sometime in the last year THROWN AWAY His Card!
Not just put it away in his sock drawer or something, but thrown it in the trash.

"Curses, foiled again!", as Snidely Whiplash would say.

So I put my butt back in the car and tried not to grumble and we headed over to Weis "let's remodel the store during a Recession and jack up all the prices to pay for it even more than the economy is forcing us to" Markets.
At least I still had the PF/Campbell's/Swanson Deal to do.  I talked about it HERE if you need to get up to speed on this deal.

So I grab a cart and hobble over to the big ass PF/C/S display......
at least where it WAS the day before.
And they have taken it down or hidden it somewhere else in the store but I don't have the energy or the desire to go hunting for it, those blasted charlatans......grrrr....
So I go over to the gravy aisle.....after looking for where they have moved the gravy to......and of course it is NO WHERE NEAR the broth/stock/soups but near the ketchup and one aisle over from baby stuff?....if you were wondering.

Now I KNOW they have at least 20 pallets of this gravy.
I saw it late on Friday night over in the big ass PF/C/S display.
But they have not restocked the gravy on the shelves.  There are about 50 cans and of course it's on the TOP SHELF and just trying to use a ladle, for sale in a package, hanging on the front of the shelf, to try to get enough cans because they are ALL against the back of the shelf and have to be coaxed forward to reach!

So Hubs who is NOT much taller than myself proves to be deft with that ladle and we got 22 cans.

Since I don't have any Qs, I head to the self-checkout and start scanning gravy cans.  After 11 cans, I get over the $15 reg. retail and the $5 instant discount comes off....rah!

So I make the strategic error of going for 1 transaction with all 22 cans, hoping I can do the $5 off again in a single transaction.
Bad $5 discount for the 2nd set of cans.

So I put the HELP LIGHT OF SHAME on and call for a Front End employee to remove 11 cans of gravy from my order.  And to make it even worse, the FE guy had to remove each. single. can. one. at. a. time.
Frankly I could care less about doing this, "making a scene", but Hubs, who doesn't want to be part of my shenanigans, gave me the stink eye when he had to unbag and rebag those 11 cans.

So I did the 22 cans of gravy in 2 transactions.

Each transaction cost me a whole .50¢ after discount.
I spent $1.00 OOP on all this gravy.

I sure wished I could have gotten more to take to the local food bank this coming Friday but Hubs was in NO MOOD after this.

So I pick up the Weis ad this morning for this coming week and what do I see??
Yep, the PF/C/S Instant Discount Deal is still on!
Now I HAVE TO go back and find where they have moved that display to!

Hubs believes they have cameras in the parking lot and when my car pulls in, some early warning system goes off inside the store and they hide whatever it is that's a great deal that week just to piss me off.
I tend to believe he is correct some days.....



  1. LOL will says the same thing. As soon as my car pulls into the lot they run and hide things and all the cashiers start to cower. Great deals though.

    I make sure DH has a card and my mom to that way once I cap out mine I just go on to theirs and I in no way feel guilty about it!


  2. She's HERE!!! Hide The Gravy!!!
    LOL! Wow... that's a lot of gravy.


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