Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Chit-Chat & Randomness

Hubs and I have solved the IRS/Brown Family dilemma.....
Kody and wife #1 file as married with 7 dependents(their kid and his and wife #3's 6 kids).
Wife #2 files as Head of Household(as she has a job)with 6 dependents(her and Kody's kids)
Wife #3 does not file a federal return(don't know if she has to file a state return or not in her state)...she has no income, child support or alimony so Kody take the kid deductions
Wife #4 doesn't file either as she has no job/income...unless she gets alimony and/or child support.  If her ex-husband pays child support, he takes the deductions on their 3 kids probably.  If she gets the deductions and receives alimony and/or child support then she does file as Head of Household.

Now next year(meaning for 2011 returns), Wife #4 with have a new kid with Kody, so he gets another dependent deduction. 
But since the moved to Vegas none of them have jobs....well except for the money TLC is paying them to be on the show, their tax stuff all changes for 2011.
Which brought up another point in Hub's mind. 
How is TLC paying them?  Since only 1 Sister Wife is legally married, they can't just pay Kody or Kody and wife.  They would have to pay each of the adults separately, which means they ALL have income now, even the SAHM ones.  So all but the 1st wife files as Head of Household now?
Ack....I need a Tylenol.....

At the suggestion of Sharon I have moved the Follower Button/Feature to the top of the blog.  She said it might encourage more people who drop by here to actually follow.  I feel like Sheldon a bit when I look at the blog because something just seems 'off' to me with it there.  No matter what I say to the contrary, I guess I don't adjust to change well.......

I do believe that half of France is shopping for the Holidays on eBay this year.  I am getting multiple inquiries each day about the shipping costs of this or that to France.  I've sold a thing here and there in the past to someone in France, but nothing like lately!  I thought France was in an economic crisis?  Seems the folks there with money still didn't get the memo.

And another observation about eBay......I get questions about shipping outside of the US frequently because I am one of the few US sellers who welcomes international customers.   I have learned over the years a few things.  One thing I'm going to say is going to sound sort of bad.  I'd call it a stereotype except that sometimes those have a basis in fact when you get down to it's core.  Here is my Un PC observation from many years on eBay--If you get a question about shipping to Netherlands, you might as well just ignore that person.
Because if they live in Netherlands they won't pay whatever the shipping cost is.
Why won't they pay it?
Because it will always be too expensive to them.
Yes, people from Netherlands are tightwads frugal shoppers.  I got it into my head that these people were cheap back in the 1980's.  My mother-in-law(one of the most frugal people I have known)had a book of money saving ideas.  One of those ideas was to cook beans under your mattress.....well, heat them up, then turn off the stove and put the covered pot under your mattress....the residual heat plus the insulation from the mattress would 'cook' your beans without using any additional energy.  I thought that tip was unique and strangely bizarre as a 20-something.  And that tip came from someone from, you guessed it.....Netherlands!  In face quite a few frugal tips were from persons from Netherlands.

Not too long after reading that book, a college friend went to visit someone who lived in the Netherlands.  What fun and exciting activity did her friend entertain her with?  They went walking.....walking for miles out into the sea in the muck left behind when the tide rolls out.  It's even got a name-Wadlopen or Mud Walking.
Wow!.....now that's living large.

I guess in my next life I might want to find myself located in the Netherlands.  My frugal butt would be much smaller and I would fit right in with that culture.
Except that mud walking thing.  I'd confine my exercise to biking or walking around town.

Here's something that I don't get.  Well I DO get it, but why anyone does it is a mystery to me.
I have a moderate feature on comments here on the blog.  Yes, I am a control freak that way.
The only thing that will get your comment banned is grossly inappropriate comments(slander, vulgar cursing, etc.)and spam.
I am constantly getting comments to moderate that are spam.  People who leave comments that are SORT OF innocuous and SORT OF say something on topic but have either 1-hyperlinked words in the text of the comment to sales sites or 2-the person's User Name, if clicked on, takes you to a sales site rather than their Blogger ID page.  Now you KNOW they are just trying to get either page views on their sites or trying to get people to buy stuff.  I don't appreciate being used nor does my teensy tiny blog.
If you are out there, doing this and reading now, KNOCK IT OFF!
Everyone else keep calm and carry on.....

I am off for some last minute Turkey Day food shopping.  Then to start digging out the dining room, baking pies and brining the bird.



  1. SPA-A-A-A-A-A-A-AM,
    (compliments of Monty Python's Flying Circus)
    (did you censure me yet??)

    That is so funny that you worry about how a polygamist family is going to file their tax returns...!

  2. Please for to be that I am enjoy your blog. Very informative the information and to wish well for the blog that is good written! See how I buy with no money down and make 500% interest while stay at home mom.

    j/k... I get those, too. Most of them are way more subtle than the example above. I just delete 'em when I see 'em.

    Do you ever read this blog? http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/ It just seems right up your alley.

  3. I'm all for hiking and exercise and such, but deliberately walking in the mud? and in your bare feet? and it's cold cause they're all wearing coats? No thank you.
    The small village I grew up in became a mecca in the 60's and 70's for dutch immigrants. They were very thrifty but they all had between 10 and 20 kids!! One family my sister babysat for had 3 sets of twins!!

  4. The followers at the top of any blog looks off to me. You know that since I have been blogging for a gazillion years, I should know. LOL Actually, I don't go to blog to see followers and know how to follow if I desire. So, there! Oh, you didn't ask for an opinion. Sorrrrry!

    I am glad you got Sister Wives tax dilemma out of your system. I can sleep much better now that you have explained it all. Were you a thespian or a business major?

    Your experience with people in other countries, buying from you is interesting. Their attitudes say a lot. I am just not sure what. Did people go online for a good deal? Did they forget about shipping?Do the people with money in France not want to be seen bringing home packages, so they have the mailman bring things so it does not look like a purchase?

  5. Pictures of Spam? It took me until I read the post several times and finally commented to figure out why you had that picture up and said nothing about buying it for a penny a can or making a nickel and how you spend $.05x200, or taking it to the food bank.

    Gurl, you gotta notify us when you change your MO. Got it? Food pictures=savings!

  6. Hmmm...I must not be a spam magnet. I don't moderate and never get spam. I am lucky that way.

  7. Um but what if wife number 4's ex husband is claiming one or more of the kids(my ex use to claim one of the three) then that puts a whole new spin on it doesnt it. OH GOD YOU HAVE SUCKED ME INTO YOUR WORLD!!!!! And I want to know how the hell they pay health insurance for all of them


  8. Your posts are getting as long as mine. I guess I'm rubbing off on you.
    I used to get a Spam comments until I switched to Intense Debate and then I never got another one. On the down side, I.D. does wacky things sometimes and my comments vanish and then magically come back. Oh well.
    Happy Thanksgiving! m.

  9. You might be a pinch crazy. I love you but it needed to be said!


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