Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In The Weeds....

Literally and figuratively in the weeds here!

That's why I haven't posted lately.
#2 son home from school still....it's deer hunting season in PA so they had off on Monday and today is Parent/Teacher conferences.
But he's had pitt orchestra rehearsals and orthodontist appointment.
Plus I am dealing with Daughter's medical issues and medical insurance provider long distance from college which makes me want to spit nails!
And the phone rang 23 times yesterday.....have I mentioned how much I detest talking on the phone lately?
And the eBay screwball buyers have come out of the woodwork and I am behind on getting things listed because I have been packing and shipping like a wild woman and have no time left for listing.
I haven't even done a menu for this week...ack!
And I am so tired I actually drank a cup of coffee at the Orthodontist's office....it was free so what the hell, right?lol

And the weather.....can I just say that the weather is crazy lately?
It's 60 degrees outside...it was 62 yesterday.
This is northern PA.....this is late November....WTF?!?!
It should be 25 degrees and snowing.
It's like in 2007 when it was 70 degrees and we had a tornado on Dec. 1st.
Wacky weather.......

My shrubbery is so confused.
Here is what my forsythia bush is doing.....

Likewise my Magnolia tree and the massive Rhododendron bush have budded out because they think Spring is here!

If this keeps up we'll need to mow the lawn again this weekend......in December. lolol

I'll be back later after I get something accomplished.



  1. We've got the 27 - 45 degree weather here right now. and good thing... I'm not quite sure where I packed away my winter coat.
    I will not mow in December. I've drawn the line. The neighbors may all they want, but my yard will look like poop until spring.

  2. It is 2 pm and 37 degrees in the Deep South. So, give me back my weather and you can have this mess. This morning about 9 am, I was outdoors and there was snow falling, nothing to stick, though. I just hate it when my plants are confused like that!

  3. I know its crazy my rose bush has buds on it...and I think we are going to have to mow the lawn this weekend.

    stay sane

  4. Screwy weather here too (southwestern Ontario) - it's been raining bucketfulls all day - thank GOD it isn't snow 'cause we'd be buried til April! I've noticed the plants around here acting crazy too - my snapdragons are blooming!!

  5. McVal--Yes, my yard looks like poop all the time, literally since I have 2 dogs.lol Hopefully the poop will be snow covered shortly to lessen your disgrace with the neighbors. ;-)

    Practical P--Hey, y'all get snow so rarely, enjoy it!lol

    Judy--Strange weather in PA all around I think.
    Stay sane?....maybe next week.lol

    Jane--If every inch is a foot of snow, we would be buried too. This year is the wettest Year on record in PA since they started keeping records. Crazy! At least we won't have a drought next summer. Stay dry!!

  6. I hear ya. It is all kinds of crazy here. I had DJ doing laundry. That should say it all.


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