Monday, November 14, 2011

Just for Judy......Can You Spell Gravy?

So after dropping 3 packages at the PO that have to go overseas(eBay sale...yay!), I trotted over to Weis to hunt down the moving Gravy Display.
Found it!.....the Evil Managers at Weis may be good, but I am BETTER!

1 x PF Cornbread Stuffing on sale=$2.50
4 x Campbells Gravy on sale=$2.00
6 x Campbells cooking Soups on sale=$4.80

Coupons Used
1 x $1/5 Campbells Soup IPQ=$1.00
Instant Discount WYB $15 of PF/C/S Deal=$5.00
Coupon Total...$6.00


They tried to pull a fast one on me too!
I forgot that the reg. retail shelf tag on this soup was $1.25.
There was no shelf tag on the endcap where they moved/hid the Display and the Display sign said the reg. retail on the soup was $1.49.....which meant I only needed 5 soups to get to the $15.
Well the little sonofabitchcans rang up $1.25-.45¢=.80¢, not $1.49-.69¢=.80¢.
So I was one can short of getting my $5 off the order.

I made one of the cashier/front end gals, who was bored to tears just standing around because nobody was in the store but me, go get me another can of soup because I was sure as heck not walking the length of that store one. more. time. for. one. can.

26 cans and counting.   lol

I've got until Friday morning when I head over to the food bank to run this Deal some more.
Maybe I'll go against my good sense and sneak into Weis on Tuesday and run the old people gauntlet on Senior Day for more gravy.
I wonder if Judy would let me borrow her mom too?lol

Or maybe not since it will take me hours to park, do the shop and get out of the parking lot.
That still leaves Wednesday and Thursday.
What do y'all think? ;-)



  1. Sure you can borrow mom but then you have to feed us..bwahahahahahhaha can you think of what area family owned eatery I am thinking of. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO MORE GRAVY. PUT DOWN THE GRAVY. WALK AWAY...well unless you have coupons and its still on sale and your not going to hoard it.


  2. "Found it!.....the Evil Managers at Weis may be good, but I am BETTER!
    Muuuwaaaaaah!"-That made me laugh!
    I say run the hell out of the deal and then blog more!

  3. J--No clue on the family owned eatery thing. But hey!.....when it comes to the Gravy, I can stop any time lady!hehehe....ok, maybe not but it's all going to the food bank. I have a goal of 1 can per client and there are about 50 at teeny tiny town's FB so I am halfway there. Woohoo!

    SonyaAnn--I'll update as things develop here.

    PracticalP--Tuesday=Senior Citizen Discount Day.
    Many many elderly folks clogging the aisles by standing the said aisles, visiting with their friends and not shopping.

  4. You rock! Those Weis manager devils - they should know better :)


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