Friday, November 18, 2011

Brain Dump....Random Things on My Mind

Ok, if MARK can do a Photo Dump on his blog, I am allowed to do a Brain Dump on my blog.
Yes, I said Brain with it!
You know....just putting all the random crap that bounces around in your head out on cyber-paper so you can stop thinking about it.

*I woke up this morning and my teeth all seem loose.  I don't know WHAT I was doing in my sleep(grinding, clenching?)but they seriously hurt!  I take pretty good care of my teeth and have regular check-ups.  Heck, last time the dentist couldn't find a speck of tartar on my chopper and I have no gum disease.  But today they hurt like a bitch and I am waiting for the Tooth Fairy to be making an appearance.

*You know what irritates me?.....Ok, that's a very long list....but something recently.
Mormon mommy bloggers.
Let me say first off, I have nothing against Mormons....unless they are on my front doorstep trying to give me literature.  (But then again, I don't want ANY devote√© on my front doorstep selling me religion.)
I believe everyone can/should believe what they want.  But please, keep it sacred and to yourself, much like your genitals.  Don't be whipping those or your religion out in public to beat anyone over the head with it to prove that yours is better than mine.  Ok, bad metaphor but you know what I mean.

Mormon mommy bloggers are fascinating.  So domestic and so uplifting and perky all the time most of the time on their blogs.  You can't tell me that even the most patient Mormon mommy blogger doesn't have moments when their brood drives them stark raving mad and they don't want to throttle their kids....C'mon!
And this NieNie person?  I want to know what her husband does for a living to afford all the money they seem to be dropping on airplane tickets, trips, stuff, etc.  And he must have one heck of a flexible schedule to be jetting off everywhere at a moment's notice.  And she needs to lay off the proselytizing and Mitt Romney links because she is driving folks away with that. My advice?....Stick to photos of your kids and telling your survivor story cuz those rock!

*And since we are on the subject of Mormons, it's but a short step to my next BD topic.....those Sister Wives folks on the TLC channel.
I confess, I have watched that show from the beginning.  I really like some of them though I do think that Cody guy is full of himself and tad bit narcissistic.
I woke up earlier this week as I was coming out of a vivid dream.  The dream was about the Sister Wives.  In the dream I was worrying about the IRS implications of the Sister Wives family.  I know.....I have too much time on my hands even when I am asleep.
But you have to admit, that come tax time, being part of a polygamist family has to be a nightmare!
Wife #1 is legally married by government standards and they have 1 kid & 2 incomes.  So they take a tax hit.
Wife #2 also works and has 6 kids.  Not legally married, does she file as Head of Household or Single?
And she makes out with 6 tax deductions.
Wife #3 is the problem for me.  She also has 6 kids but doesn't work so has no income to claim.  What must the IRS drone who gets her return think?  7 deductions and no visible means of support.....
Wife #4 has 3 kids from a previous marriage....who takes the deduction for the kids?  She must get some form of child support.

*I have had my eBay Store reopened for almost 2 weeks now and I am already having problems with stupid people. 
I had someone send me a Question to Seller asking the specific size of a miniature doll, as well as asking me to take the doll out of the sealed package and to email them more close-up pictures of the doll.  First off, if they had actually READ the listing it says that the doll is 1" tall.  There are 3 close-up pictures of the item where you can see that the said doll is visible.  And if I opened the sealed package it would no longer be New in Package as the listing states.  They also did NOT give me their email addy so I could email them the photos that they can already see in the listing.

I have had someone forget to pay me for 1 week though this was not a deadbeat but an eBay regular who just lost track of their dealings.  I quick nudge rectified the situation.

The worst has to be the people who don't know how to negotiate.  On occasion I put the "Make Me An Offer" feature on listings.  If you are unfamiliar with that, it allows potential Buyers to offer you less than what you have listed the item for.  You can then accept, decline or counteroffer them.  I believe they have 3 bids or chances to make an offer on any item before the system automatically rejects their dealings with the Seller.   When you make an offer to a Seller it is a good thing not to piss them off by offering them some outlandishly low sum.  And if you are in a counteroffering/bidding situation with a Seller, you need to man up and meet them halfway...or at least that is my take on things.  I had someone this week offer me $15 on an item I listed for $30.  While not outlandishly low, it was pretty insulting.  And seeing as I had just listing the item 1 day before, I was not about to sell it for that little.
So I made them a counteroffer by knocking $5 off the item, making it $25.
And guess what price they came back with?   $15.50.
I come down $5 and they come up .50¢.
As Suze Orman would say.....Denied!
So I send back a new counteroffer......$30. LOLOL

*And now I know I will piss off many of you with this one......
What is this fascination with the Pioneer Woman?
I just don't get it.
Ok, she cooks.  She takes photos of cattle and cowboys' rear ends.  She's written a book.
Can somebody please explain to me why I should care?lol  I've seen her recipes.  Not impressed.
And no, this does not come from some kind of jealousy or blog envy.   What she has works for her but it's not what I want.
I just don't get whatever it is everyone else sees.  If you put shots like the one above on her blog I might be easier to convince that I need to read her. ;-)

I see it as something similar to all this Oprah worship women do.  We get fixated on people and then can't get enough of them.  I think I am missing some female gene thing.

Ok, I guess my brain is empty enough now for some new thoughts.

So tell us.....What is on your mind?



  1. I am missing some female genes, too. Those of us who know about this, stick together. Also, those of us addicted to factory-produced chemical condiments stick together. The $30 counter-offer sounds like something I would have done. Oh yes, and I must admit that I feel some new kinship because I caught wind of the Goucher connection; I studied there (and off-campus, too) with "famous author" for a time; it was not my main college (just took cooperatively-arranged classes) but grew up almost within sight of it; neighbor (best friend's mom) was a dean there.

    Back to the genes: I don't like purses, I don't like jewelry, I don't like flowers, baskets, stamping, candles, (you name it, just add to the list) decorating or crafts (this is so liberating, and it feels so blasphemous, but there, I've said it!) and while I do like shoes, they're the type that - well, let's just say that the mister's lesbian sister said, "Oh, I love those sandals" and I replied in shock, "You're kidding - these are my 'embarrassment' shoes." (But I wear 'em anyway, 'nuff said. By the way, I don't think I have to add any disclaimer, but I don't talk in hints - some people - readers, I mean, not "you" - infer unintended hints, though - and no, it's just that sometimes a shoe really is only a shoe! SIL probably likes a lot of the listed items - baskets, etc. - just to confuse and confound people)

    The mister also lays awake at night staring at the ceiling reflecting aloud on the problems of the Kody Brown family. Just wanted you to know that you're not the only one.

  2. OMG! Thank you for a great laugh today - except at the teeth falling out part. That would suck.
    I hate Kody. He falls in love with himself more every episode. It's like a car accident I just can't look away!!
    I always ask the door to door mormons if they know the Osmonds!? Then I send them on their merry way. I may use the "Please keep your religion and your genitals private" line!

    Have a great day!

  3. Good Job at making the Dump work for you. I bet getting all that out was a relief, huh?
    I love that you went back up to $30.00. When I don't get the price that I want on Craigslist, I give the item away. I'd rather that then have someone screw me out of it.
    I don't really understand the Pioneer Woman either. People have left me comments saying that I need to visit her. So I did and an, well, um, she was alright. But I wasn't thrilled. When you figure it out, let me know.

  4. I'm worried about you, really really. You might need more coffee or less, I'm not sure.
    I still vote for Brad. Sorry

  5. Haha great post!

    And I can't believe that person counter-offered with $15.59!

  6. 444--Thanks for visiting me today. So what school did you attend?....Towson State?...Notre Dame?....the hallowed Johns Hopkins?lol and which 'famous author'? I studied under a misogynistic asshole. I am so intrigued...

    And the only item on your list I take exception to is candles. I do like a good candle now and again. But I never got the shoe fetish thing though it must be in my DNA because Daughter is an Imelda Marcos wannabee. ;-)

  7. B-Kat--It was just so strange to suddenly wake up and my teeth are they use to get when I got new wires on my braces as a teen.

    You have a great day too!

  8. Mark--Yes, I am going to go there and say it....Taking a Dump feels really good. ;-)

    So glad you are in my anti-PW camp now. And I now know I have....make that HAD 1 PW Fan as a Follower because not 10 minutes after I posted this Brain Dump a lost a Follower.
    Like PW or even Gordon Ramsey might say....if ya can't take the heat, get out of my kitchen.

  9. SonyaAnn--No coffee here...don't drink the stuff. We'll just have to agree to disagree on the whole Brad situation.

    Michelle P--Yes, 50¢ more. Incredible. What a

  10. OMG do you realize that I was sitting in a very quiet doctors office and almost wet my pants reading this.

    First I want to know: How did you get Mark to pose in those shorts and the hat?

    2nd My mom is a retired IRS agent, watched that show a few times and said Glad I retired before that one got audited.

    3rd PW I just dont understand. I tried really I did but come one

    As for door to door religion toter my father used to tell them that he worshiped YAYA the one true god, and would he like to hear about her? Worked every time


  11. geez, I wrote too much! I should cut back on my coffee. Sorry that I left you a post-length comment. I meant to simply say that I hope your teeth don't fall out! (my bet is grinding them in your sleep.)

  12. I often have dreams of missing my front teeth, scares the hell out of me as I like my teeth. I LMAO @ your Cody/Sister Wives rant & agree w/B-Kat "It's like a car accident I just can't look away!!" But Sluggy, you leave my Oprah alone! She had some AWESOME guests on her show. The Dr. Oz show just doesn't cut it for me...

  13. I forgot to answer. Send a note via my profile and I'll respond with the answer. I don't want to embarrass either my college or my professor by associating them with me and my "writing."

  14. J--lol....someone I know use to say that the tears ran down her legs she laughed so hard. I always enjoy your comments and I am glad I was never on your mother's wrong side since our returns went through the philly office

    Sheila--Ok, I'll back off of Okrah, er...Oprah. I do have a strange connection to her btw which I may tell you about some day. But really, the BEST GUESTS are on Jerry Springer!

    444--Will do when I get some time.

  15. Okay, I cannot see well enough to know what I am typing, but forgive mistakes since all letters are double. I cannot put on glasses for 30 min while haircolor is one har.

    First off, dooes that cowboy have any pants on? Must know.

    Second, my teeth squeaked when I was going through menopause. Not only was I crazy, forgetful, mean, forgot how to drive, and did not like myself, but my teeth squeaked when I chewed and somethmes just on their own. After I started taking premarin, the quit. I think my teeth were getting loose and squeaking. Well, I wiffled them all the time, so who knows. But, dentists thought I was imagining things because they could not wiggle my teeth and could hear no squeaks when I chewed for them. So, could the teeth thing with you be menopausal?

    Or, were you chewing on Mormons all night long.

    Pioneer woma is not my thing. But, go to coal creek farm blog. April is hilarious. April and Ree (pw) nare sisters. April and the whole family dance around the kitchen. And, you just have to read what Clay says (7 or 8 blog posts long)about meeting April.

    My head hurts from trying to see. Some religion comes to the door selling their material, forgot who. So, I said just a minute, shurt and locked the door and went and got one of our church tracts. I opened the door, she stuck out the pamphlet, and I said "I am not going to buy anything from you, but I will give you something, handed her our tract and closed the door, enjoying the open-mouth surprised expression.

    Now, my eyes hurt. For a moment i thought I was reading Lisa Pie! I checked to be sure it was you.

    I had a rant all ready this morning and decided not to go off the deep end. Maybe I will because it seems the deep end will be full of dissenters. Agains,t what, I don't know.

  16. I love your dump, Sluggy! And I don't get PW either. But I do get that cowboy you posted. Or I would if I didn't have my wonderful hubby.


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