Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ushering November In with Decluttering P*rn!

Now that everyone is full of candy, bring on the decluttering p*rn!
This all left the building yesterday.......

 6 sets of Star Trek micro machines vehicles.....try not to weep SonyaAnn!

1 spare Keyboard
1 Precious Moments Jennifer figurine
1 Grateful Dead magnetic clock

1 Halloween wig
8 assorted ceramic Halloween figurines (courtesy of the auction I went to in Oct.)
1 glass Punch Bowl with ladle and Cups (courtesy of the auction I went to in Oct.)
Sometimes at that auction, if no one bids(like on the stuff above), they add it to something else that folks DO want to bid on.  I "won" this stuff when I won something else I really DID want, so off to Salvation Army it goes! ;-)

1 Star Trek Barbie and Ken Doll Set
1 Power Rangers Fanny pack
1 complete Inspector Gadget toy
1 Rolling Stones magnetic Clock
2 Power Rangers movie figures
3 rolls of Manatee Wallpaper Board
1 Energizer Bunny doll
1 miniature Racing car replica
1 cassette tape of Toy Story music
1 set Power Rangers fake fingernails LOL
1 F-P  truck
1 silk scarf from Aruba

2 Star Trek Bird of Prey Vehicles
2 THE TICK Action Figures
1 set of Pokemon color your own Tattoos
Dr. Bobblehead from The Nightmare B4 Xmas
2 Star Wars 12" Action Figures
1 Yoda Star Wars Complete Galaxy Figure Set



  1. OMG!!! where do you live? I collect Star Wars stuff. I am notorious for rescuing stuff.

  2. You know I was hoping for some real porn That is great that it has all left the building, now keep going and get more out and then come down and help me :)


  3. LeAnn--I'm in PA....where are you? I'm sorry my post gave you heart

    Judy--I'll chalk your comment up to the little pain pills I am working on another load today for Hubs to take this weekend.
    If I ever get finished with my crap, I'll be right over!!!

  4. Oh Slugs, where did this all come from? It's still hard for me to believe that you have all this stuff. But yes, I am so happy that it is leaving your house.
    I can actually walk around my house now without tripping. I'm making progress. m.

  5. Darling Mark--Most of this was living in the storage unit, not the house. And I also find it hard to believe that after selling TONS of crap like this on eBay for the last 10 years and just sending a lot of it to Salvation Army for the last 4 years, I still have MORE!
    I swear it's reproducing when I leave it alone in the dark!!lol

    So don't gauge your progress against mine since I was buying most of this decluttered stuff to resell.
    You are doing fantabulous with your decluttering!
    Being able to walk around the house without tripping is BIG....

  6. Hey wait you two...Mark is my Darling not I am tackling the famouse hall closet tomorrow(you know where everything goes to die or hide) I would gladly buy you lunch if you all want to come down here and help. Cheese steaks and sooo lonely...LOL


  7. Judy--Hmmm....maybe we should go down there and help you or you'll go shopping to Ross again!lol

  8. I have that Star Trek Barbie and Ken. Does that make me odd???

  9. Frances--It would only be odd if you have told us this in


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