Saturday, November 12, 2011

Got My Stuffing!....More Boring Food Shopping

I hit Weis for the Pepperridge Farm/Campbell's/Swanson Deal on Friday....

2 x PF Cornbread Stuffing on sale=$5.00
4 x Campbell's Soup on sale .80¢=$3.20
4 x Campbell's Gravy on sale .50¢=$2.00
1 x Dr Pepper Ten on sale=$1.67

Coupons Used
1 x .25/4 Campbell's Gravy ManuQ(doubled)=$.50
1 x .30/4 Campbell's Cooking Soups ManuQ(doubled)=$.60
1 x FREE ITEM Dr. Pepper ManuQ=$1.89 *
1 x Instant $5.00 off Discount WYB $15 of deal items=$5.00
Discounts Total.....$7.99

$11.87-$7.99=$3.88+.10¢tax(on soda)=$3.98 OP
Regular retail would have been $18.43 on all this stuff, for a savings of 78%.
$18.43 for this little pittance?  It's a wonder how people who don't shop the sales, loss leaders and/or use coupons or deals can afford to feed themselves anymore!

*The cashier took off the regular price of the Dr. Pepper instead of the sale price, so I got an extra .22¢ discount.   Kind of makes up for having to pay tax on that soda, huh?  ;-)

I was all set to hand over my $5 Catalina Q to roll it after I gave her my coupons but then I realized that the PF/Campbell's/Swanson Deal was an INSTANT DISCOUNT, NOT a Catalina Deal.

No harm, no foul....I just have to hope for a Cat Deal next week to roll it or I'll have to spend the $5 Cat.

So I realized while laying in bed last night that you could do that PF/C/S Deal and get 12 cans of Gravy for $1.00  12 cans is over $15 reg. retail.  It comes to $6.00 on sale this week and after the instant $5 discount, Voila!....$1 OP without any Qs.

Maybe I need to drop by Weis today again and get a load of gravy for the Food Bank?  Since not everyone makes it from scratch, it could be a worthwhile donation.

If you just want the Soup it will run you $4.60 for 12 cans w/out Qs and after the instant discount.

Other than Weis and the local Shursave grocer, I am off to do some shopping today with Hubs.  Heading to KMart, Fashion Bug(to use a gift card I've had since last Xmas!lol) and who knows where else at this


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