Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making Progress on the Toy Sale Prep

Here's an update on everything I've been working on to get ready to hold this Toy Garage Sale next month.

I've been getting boxes of inventory out of storage and going through them.
I sort every item into one of three piles....
1. Still worth selling on eBay-those boxes go into the living room
2. Going directly to Charity-those boxes get photographed and put into Hubs car trunk
3. For the Toy Sale-those boxes get stacked in the garage

I figure I've got about 1/3 of the inventory left in storage to go through.
As I hauled boxes out, I put back and organized other boxes(no-toy stuff)in the storage unit.

Here's a shot of the whole unit from Tuesday afternoon....

Well you can see the foreground of what is left in this shot.

Here is what's in back....
And in the very back....
The stack of boxes on the right in the picture contains empty boxes, extra bubble wrap and the one on the bottom is filled with toilet  All the rest is merchandise.

Here is what I organized.....
This set of tubs/boxes is all the extra toiletries and HBA products I have. There is 1 box left in the garage to take over and add to this stack.

In this picture(the stack with the paper towel rolls and facial tissue and the tubs behind that stack)shows my fabric stash.....well, some of my fabric stash.  I still have tubs of it in the garage to move.  But at least now in storage, all the fabric is in one place.

I got the last 3 shelving units taken out of storage on Tuesday.  After I get them cleaned up I can start arranging all the shelving in the garage for the sale.
Yesterday I began rearranging and emptying some of the shelving already in the garage.
I cleared 3 shelves on this unit.....

And I cleared 1 shelf on this one.....
The shelf below the one I cleared is toys I need to go through to sort, so I consider it half cleared off

Now you are probably wondering WHAT was ON those shelves I cleared, aren't you?
The 1 shelf above I cleared was stockpiled noodles, canned cheese, foil and plastic wrap(the plastic is not mine, it's Hubs!).  All that just got consolidated into the other big shelving unit of stockpile goods.
But the unit I cleared 3 shelves off had held most of my TP stockpile.  So I shifted some and filled up these shelves above and below with TP, since they are too tall or too low for holding the toys that are for sale.......

And the rest of the TP stockpile was moved to here.....

Under the bed in Daughter's ex-bedroom where piles of her crap use to live.  So now my TP stockpile is spread out over 3 locations.....bedroom, garage, storage.  I hate that but it's only temporary until the toy sale is over.  Then I'll move what is in storage into the garage(where the toys sat for the sale) in preparation for getting rid of the storage unit.  It should all fit by then since we'll be using it down some.  Just pray I don't find a sale on TP anytime soon that makes it free with Qs and promotions....then we'll be in trouble!lol

Next up on my plate here.....
1. Getting the last of the shelving into the garage and organized.  I have the boxes of what I am planning on putting into the toy sale stacked out there and there is no room to move around.  The shelves need to go into place and I need to take some tubs of fabric out of there and put into storage, now that there is room in there for them to be stacked neatly. 
2. After organizing shelving for the sale, I can start to put the toys out on the shelves, making room in the garage for more boxes.  Then I can haul more loads of boxes of toys home to sort through.  I hope to finish getting all the boxes of stuff here for sorting(and get them sorted!)by the end of the weekend.  That should keep me on schedule for now.

Wish me luck!



  1. Luck wished.
    You're gonna need it!

  2. You make me really tired! But, getting rid of the storage unit will be like making more money each month. Good luck.

  3. Your a brave, brave woman! What time is Mark showing up to help?


  4. I WISH I had all that tp! It looks like you will make a killing with your toy sale.

  5. Good luck. Maybe you should get a shed for the backyard and then you wouldn't have to pay storage. I know that you are getting rid of the unit but what is going to happen when you get rid of the unit and TP goes on sale?

  6. Mark--Thanks Mark...I

    Practical P--Yah, not paying that bill will be more money left in our pockets.

    Judy--Not so much brave but just finally doing what I should have done long ago. No sign of Mark yet....send him over if he wanders over to your place, k?

    Frances--From your mouth to God's ear!lol

    SonyaAnn--We HAVE a shed in the Hubs has all his pool and yard crap in that one.
    RE:more TP....I am under penalty of death from Hubs No More TP!lol I have enough for 2-3 years right now. Heck, I should have a TP Sale!!lolol

  7. "Heck, I should have a TP Sale!"

    If you do, please let me know :)


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