Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Weekend & The Stockpile Sale

Last Weekend was the end of Hubs week off from work.
He decided he wanted to go to the monthly Chess Club Tournament held somewhere outside of Philly.
So he was gone all day on Saturday.

While he was gone, Daughter and I held another Stockpile Sale.  It was the same set up as the one I held in day for 4 hours with big neon green signs saved from the last sale, posted on the roads leading up to our house.  Man, those signs just draw the regular yard salers in like flies on a garbage

We opened the garage door about 15 minutes early this time and there were no early bird/dealers sitting waiting for us to open to pounce on all those copies of the Declaration of Independence for a quarter we were selling....don't they wish!
I put out some of the old/vintage/new in the box toys I had earmarked to send to Salvation Army that were still lying around the house as well as the toiletries.

It was slow at first but picked up by 9am and we had fairly steady business until almost noon.
With the slow start I didn't think we'd make near what we made in the July sale, but in the end, we finished up with $335.50.   That makes our total $682.50 for the year's sales.
And a good bit of what we sold was the old toys and collectibles.  I was shocked by how much of that went really!

Good sellers.....toothbrushes, mouth wash, shampoo, soap, cans of coffee, nail polish, diapers, Olay stuff, batteries, Lysol spray, deodorant, vitamins.  Anything I put into the crate marked "Everything 75¢".lol
Stuff that sat.....high end shampoos, men's razors, women's bladder pads.
This go round a wider range of items sold well, so there wasn't much that I didn't sell some quantity of.

We've been using our Garage Sale profits to purchase college needs for Daughter this week.  That was the deal I made with her--if she wanted me to buy some of this college stuff, she had to help me hold the sale and raise some cash.
The rest of the profits will go toward food buying and/or the extra gas we'll be using hauling kids and their stuff back to two different colleges later this month.

I'll be boxing up the toiletries that are leftover and deciding whether I have enough to do the flea market in September.  Just eyeballing what is left, it looks to be that I've sold about half of the extras I started with so it's worth the trip to hit the flea market and make a little more cash.  I just dread getting up at 4am to get there in time to get a spot to set up in.

Also, since the toys sold so well, I am pondering whether I should hold a Toy Sale the end of September before the weather turns bad.  I still have a LOT of toys in the storage unit and I'm thinking I can get people to buy for Christmas presents, as the end of September is close enough to the Holidays to get them spending on toys.  I'd prefer to do this in October, but the weather would be too awful by then.
Not having the Toiletries Stockpile will free up room for items in the garage as well as what I can put on the driveway.  I'm still indecisive on this idea though as it's a lot of work digging all the toys out in time and setting it up.  It's not like I don't have anything else to do with my

So the rest of Saturday was a couple of errands and a nap.
Hubs didn't do very well at his tournament unfortunately.  He usually wins them but not this time so he wasn't up for doing much that evening.

Sunday Hubs sat around and relaxed mostly.
Daughter got to drag my tired ass around stores for 3 hours, to start spending all that stockpile sale profit on college shopping.  Go me! 8-P
Though it rained most of the day, the sun came out long enough for us to take a dip in the pool later.

Today Daughter reneged on painting the powder room for me for pay.  She decided after sanding down one wall, she doesn't want to do the prep work(sanding, spackling, priming)on this massive 8'x4' room.
She only wants to slap paint on the walls.
So now the room won't get painted.
We'll have been in this house 11 years next week and this powder room is still the mess it was when we moved in.
Can you tell I am pissed?
I wonder if I return all the shit I've bought for her to go to college if she will find her passion for work again?

8 more days until she leaves.
And yes I AM marking them off on the calendar! ;-)



  1. Great job on the Stock Pile Sale!
    I was watching Extreme Couponer this morning while getting ready for work and I thought, if I ever become a big time collector of stuff(stock piles) I would sell it all for $.50 each at the flea market. I'm sure everything would go, right?

  2. Mark--Oh you have NO CLUE the pandimonium of people that will be! The 1st time we did the flea market(before anyone else was selling toiletries/food at this flea market), we had people shoving money in our facing from before 7am(we never even finished setting up!)non-stop until 10:30am. I literally had $ bills falling out of my pockets. We made about $950 in 3.5 hours.
    If you put a sign .50¢ for any item, you'd cause a riot!! Bring along a couple of tazers if you

  3. WTG, Sluggy! Your sales sure helped to put a dent in college expenses.

  4. The very next thing your daughter wants, just say you will do it or buy it when she finishes the powder room. "Or, do you want to do it Thanksgiving when you come home?" She will get the point! Kids!

    Oooh, maybe you could tell her you were going to take some of her money to pay someone!

    Great sale! With your luck/skill, I would do the garage sale AND the flea market! You always seem to do well. Besides, the yard/garage sale is just opening the doors, not hauling stuff around. Do it first and maybe you will have less to box and then unbox at an ungodly hour. Just my two-cents worth.

  5. I think that you should do a few more sales at your house instead of dragging the stuff around. Just a thought.
    And yes, I bet if you started to return stuff the room would get done. Ahhh, children they are a gift.

  6. Frances--Well it helped, that's for

    PracticalP--Oh if I told her I'm paying someone to paint the room with HER money, she'd change her mind again!lol
    I am done with garage sales for this year....2 is my limit. I need the space in the garage back now so I have somewhere to put the storage unit stuff to go through it.

    SonyaAnn--Children....the gift that keeps on giving....or should that be sucking the life out of you?!LOL


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