Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cranking Up the Decluttering P*rn Again

I just looked and I haven't declutter-ed anything since late June.

I'm going to be cranking up my efforts again as soon as I get the 2 oldest off to college and the youngest back to high school in the coming week.  By next Monday #2 son will be back in class and his brother and sister will be on the other end of PA living la vida college, so I'll get my quiet sanity filled days back.
Or something like that.

Here is what has left the house this week......

a mohair Gund Bear
John Glenn HotWheels car/spaceship set
Alice Cooper Hot Wheels sized car
ceramic mug/hot cocoa gift set
2 vintage baby care government booklets(this are hilarious!)
a pair of vintage White Gloves
a Bamboo Serving Set
a set of kid's Shrek Dishware
4 gold plated Racing Champions Cars-that's what's in those white boxes
a Dr. Seuss Watch
4 Correlle Bowls
7 Plates-1 Correlle/6 Melamine
6 packs of stationary

a throw blanket in a zippered case...like for football tailgating and such

2 Zen Rock Gardening sets(what was I thinking...Zen?....here??)
Assorted Power Ranger Party Goods (#2 son liked PRangers when he was 6, making these OLD!lol)
2 Boyd's Bears resin Broach Pins
6 Rolls of Wallpaper Border (from my misguided attempt to camouflage wall damage in the dining room)
1 Beanie baby
6 Happy Meal toys
Also a box of 93 Happy Meal toys I thought left in June and I photographed back then but they didn't actually get into the trunk of the car until now.lol

Look for a lot more Decluttering in September.

How are your decluttering efforts going?
Did you get anything sent off this summer?  How much clutter do you have left to deal with at your house?



  1. My efforts are going ok. Den has been going to a garage sale once in a while but its ok. He has been bring games home. We have been playing so I'm not going to complain. Pig Pen anyone?

  2. SonyaAnn-Lol
    With Den's history, better he hang at garage sales than in specialty food stores, right? ;-)

    I tell ya, a couple of nights of watching Hoarding shows on tv and I am back on a mission here!lol

  3. I have 5 Hoarders recorded. I can watch a couple of them tonight.
    I have 135ish things to get rid of this year and a little of 4 months left to do it. I really need to get rid of some big things in the garage but I think I'll have to pay my kids for them. We'll see!

  4. Mark--Watching Hoarders shows are great motivational tools.lol
    I believe you CAN meet your goal before the end of the year! If you must deploy STEALTH DECLUTTERING techniques(the kids and Fred won't even notice if you do it right), then so be it. ;-)

  5. I'm just wondering when I will 'see' a difference. Since Jan. 1st I've given away one box of books/clothes/crap a week... and I can honestly say I cannot even tell... ARGH!! Do you 'see' a difference?? I am hoping one of these weeks it will all of a sudden look less cluttered... {I can hope!!}


  6. Good for you! I have 3 bags of fabric to take to the next sewing group free table and a bag of stuff for the Goodwill. I finally went through the boxes of fabric and junk that came down from my sewing room.

  7. I've actually been doing pretty well with the whole concept of not bringing in anything new. My one area of failure is little cat toys, but they're so small (and so quickly batted under the couch where I can't see them) that it doesn't seem to make much of a difference :) I do have a big box for Goodwill and I keep adding to it (it should really be split into two boxes at this point). Some day I might even get all that stuff into my car and drive it over...

  8. So are you decluttering today? I need my daily dose of sluggy.

  9. Deb--Sometimes I can "see" a difference....but then I go get things from storage and fill it back up again.lol Eventually, storage will be gone so it won't fill up again....crossing fingers here.
    I think for some of us, decluttering is a lifelong thing we need to do.
    Thanks for coming to see me!!

    McVal--Yay for cleaning out sewing rooms! I wish I had a Guild meeting to take unloved fabric to!

    Pretty--Once I get the stuff gathered I am so charge up to get rid of it, it doesn't take me long to get it in the car and drive it away. 8-)
    Cat toys will be your downfall.....lol

    SonyaAnn-I posted another comment on your blog....go read it!lol
    I am here but busy. I just posted a new piece....go read it.lol
    I miss you too!!!


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