Monday, June 24, 2013

The Return of DeCluttering Porn...Ooh Baby!

Just a few photos of what is leaving our house this week.....

2 x Star Wars 12" figures
1 x MMPR Battle Bike

 1 box of Happy Meal Toys-unopened

2 x bath towels
1 x water bottle
1 x insulated coffee mug
1 x Correlle cup
2 x kid's cookbooks
1 x travel book
1 x aquarium fish guide

1 box of older Happy Meal toys-unopened
2 x small soldiers keychains

1 novelty watch
1 brass teapot(no lid)
2 x Corelle mugs
1 insulared cup with lid and straw
1 miniature teddy bear
1 Easter egg kit
1 Easter garland
1 bunny shaped wire basket
2 x women's shirts
1 Icee bottle w/lid and straw

1 digital camera(old & lame)

Add in a black mushroom chair I didn't get a photo of before Hubs packed it into his car.
This will all be out of my life sometime this week, when Hubs stops by Salvation Army on the way home.



  1. I am surprised you are getting rid of some of those items. It seems with dogs, you could use ratty towels. With children around, they have not taken them off and not returned home with them? You cannot put them in the car trunk for rags? If they are not ratty, why? Okay, too many questions.

    Reusable cups and water bottles? Kids don't take these off and lose them?

    Our SA closed due to a huge thrift store that is better lit, better prices, and friendlier staff. Why would a thrift store price an item with a Dollar Tree sticker at $3?

    1. If you saw the amount of ratty old towels for dogs and rags we have.....seriously, you would NOT question me getting rid of these! lol
      Keeping things to reuse is great but there is only so much I want to hold onto.

  2. Lots of stuff! It's never too late for after-spring cleaning. Funny how the camera box photo is blurry. Oh, the irony! Powershots are good cameras, though.

    1. Yes, much irony there. lol
      Canon makes good cameras but this one is practically an antique now! ;-)

  3. Sluggy
    Did you first check on the value of the star wars figures in boxes? I have a cousin who buys/sells them for some serious cash!

    1. Already done. I use to do eBay so have checked there and I have no luck on craigslist, so out they go.
      I can use the tax write-off at least.
      But thanks for the idea!

  4. You are doing great, Sluggy!


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