Friday, June 21, 2013

He Gets It!

To proof that there are some highly places black people in govt. who "get it", listen to Senator Elbert Guillory.  He made a tiny ripple in the news recently(but you can count on the media to ignore this long and hard since it's anti-liberal agenda). He and Dr. Ben Carson bring much common sense to the political table......though I can't get behind Sen. Guillory's love of that federalist A. Lincoln. ;-)

While I applaud Sen. Guillory for standing up to the Democrat party, I do think throwing his allegiance in with the Republicans is folly.
Both political sides have major problems and the majority of bigwigs in both parties are in the game for power and control, with "we the people" being the losers no matter which "flavor of the year" is in control.

Sen. Elbert should have thrown his hat in with the Libertarians or one of the other 3rd parties, because we, the people standing on the outside of the 2 party monopoly, are the future of this country.



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