Thursday, June 27, 2013


I swear I am so mad at this moment that I could bite the head off of a live chicken.

Remember that brand new Whirlpool freezer I bought and had delivered not 3 WEEKS AGO from HOME DESPOT?

Well it's dead as a doornail this evening.
I went out to the garage about 9 pm to get a dish of lime shebert and the shebert is green liquid.
I immediately felt the outsides of the freezer and they were cool to the touch.
Since it was purchased and delivered to my garage and plugged in 3 weeks ago,  the outside walls have been warm to the touch.
Now it's stone cold on the outsides of the thing.
And the compressor is not running.
But the interior light is on when you open the door.
And the interior temperature is slowing rising.
We didn't have a storm or a power surge and nobody had monkeyed with the circuit breakers.

The thing is dead after a mere 3 WEEKS and I want someone's head to roll for this!

Damn you Whirlpool!
Damn you Home Depot!!

Whirlpool is suppose to pay for parts and labor to repair this.....if it's repairable......but that isn't going to save all the food in the freezer!!!

And their "Customer Experience Center".....yes they call it that in their voice mail.....doesn't open again until 8 am ET.....because, you know, your new 3 week old appliance wouldn't possibly break between the hours of 8pm and 8am, right?
So I can't even BEGIN to locate an authorized repair person until tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I have HUNDREDS of POUNDS OF FOOD rotting away in my garage!!!

Can you tell I am upset?

I had better go before I start swearing like a sailor.


Pissed as hell and Needing medication about now Sluggy


  1. Sluggy,
    I rushed right over when you posted your comment to my FedEx scam post. My heart was in my throat. I would get my money back for the food, guaranteed! Hey, I have the tenacity to do this, just give me the word. Make sure you make a list of food and regular price, not sale price!

    That is heartbreaking! Yes, it is all spoiled. Since the light works, you know it is not a breaker or the wall plug. You will just have a stinky box by morning, a box that you can read by the light that is still working. I think I would try to get that unplugged so that maybe it does not become a fire hazard. Just plug it in before anyone comes to haul it away.

    I will make sure my chickens do not get near you.

  2. You may be able to claim the food on your home insurance. Same thing happened to me. Good luck!

  3. I would NOT allow for a repair. This is new enough to return! You put it on a credit card, right? If so, you are in charge here. You cc company will help you. Now that everything has thawed, I guess there is no hurry to replace it. I am sorry, but these things annoy me to no end, also.

  4. How upsetting. It would be maddening enough, if it were something like a washing machine or range, and stopped working...but to have all that food lost in the deal too, sure what I'd do.

  5. o.o

    So sorry to hear that. Did you try buying ice bags and placing them in the fridge to try and save the less perishable stuff? I hope they can compensate for that... back home we would use smaller coolers with ice to protect meats for days.

  6. They owe you to pay for all the stuff that was ruined. I don't sppose they will agree that though. I would be so mad too.


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