Friday, March 26, 2021

Frugal Friday....the March 26th Edition

Here are the few things that qualified as frugal wins over the past week here in Sluggyland.........

*  I forgot one thing from a couple of weeks ago(some days I really miss my mind!lol)--We had a 15% off Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)discount coupon to use.  Hubs found flea and tick treatments for a ridiculously cheap price(compared to buying it from the vet's office) + the additional 15% off so I made him buy enough boxes of it to get us almost through all of 2021.  It just makes sense as it was a great discount(and it's one we've used before so we know it's good), it doesn't take up a lot of space and it won't expire before we use it up.

*  I hit Rite-Aid a few times this week..........

See previous posts on R-A for details on all this.

Needless to say I didn't spend anything out  of pocket there.

*  Hubs and I went to Ocean State Job Lot on Monday to pick up a new dog tie-out for the backyard.  I used one of my free OSJL gift cards(earned from buying food off the Eat Free Table-you pay for those purchases and get a gift card equal to what you spent).  I have so many of those gift cards we used part of one for the tie-out even though I prefer to use them on food.

I did pick up some food while we were there too.  The 3 bottles of oyster sauce and the Jordan almonds cost ZERO because I used some off a free gift card on those.
The other 4 items to the left were on the Eat for Free Table...2 cannisters of Ocean Spray Vanilla Chai flavored dried fruits and nuts, a jar of orange marmalade and a bag of dark chocolate w/lingonberries.
Those 4 cost $11.96 total out of my food budget and earned me back an $11.96 gift card. ;-)
And that vanilla chai trail mix stuff is SO GOOD!

* I forgot to mention yesterday when I wrote this post that on last week's trip to the Discount Outlet we got 2 freebies..........

A couple of packs of Gerber baby food.  I added this to the food bank donation pile which I am hoping to drop off this coming week.

*  I found money!

I found this nickel at Rite-Aid last Saturday by the front register counter.

Then I found this penny at the check-out in Dollar General later that same day.

I was back at Rite-Aid on Monday and found this .16¢ in change in front of the second register counter on the floor.

Then I found another penny back by the vitamin aisle too.

I was back at Rite-Aid to pick up an Rx on Wednesday and found 2 pennies where the shopping carts are corralled.

Total Found This Week.... .25¢
Total Found This Year.....$1.90

Other than working on an Ibotta $10 Bonus(I need 1 more item to finish and then I'll post about that) that's it from here for this past week(and beyond).

Any frugal wins on your end lately?
We want to hear about them all!



  1. Sounds like you had a great week, Sluggy. Good deal on the flea and tick deal at Ollies.

  2. I have $10 off my pickup order at Kroger tomorrow. Pickup doesn’t qualify for Ibotta but I didn’t see anything good anyway.

    We switched to Mint Mobile and my husband set it up on his credit card so free phone service for me!

    Jen G.

  3. I have a few BOBO items for the food shelf this month as well-its a good way to add. Since we had to pa in more than we budgeted for not by a ton, but enough to make a dent in our cash flow, if I can add items even if we don't have lots of spare cash this month, I will still feel like I am contributing.


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