Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guess Where I Went Today?

If you answered Rite-Aid, you'd be RIGHT!lol

Actually I went yesterday afternoon too.
I went in on Friday afternoon with $14 in +Ups and used my Wellness card......

I'm do this quickly and not bore you with the intimate details because most of these deals ended Saturday night.

This lot of stuff cost me $.77 on my gift card after Qs/sales and used $5 in +Up Rewards.  I received $15 in +Up Rewards back(2 x $2 Pantene, $3 WYB Crest Rinse, $4 StingEase Max, 2 x $2 Oral-B Power Toothbrushes).  The Reach toothbrushes also counted $8 toward the J&J Spend $30/Get $10 +Ups Deal, so I just have to spend another $22 to get that $10 reward.

Used $5 +Ups, Got $15.....$14 going in - $5=$9 + $15=$24 +Ups.

Next Transaction was on BIL's card.....

This lot of stuff cost me $1.91 on my gift card after Qs/sales and used $16 +Up Rewards.  I received $26 in +Up Rewards back(2 x $3 Nivea Body Wash-part of the Gillette BW Deal, $10 Monthly WYB $20 Nivea, 2 x $2 Pantene, 2 x $2 Oral-B Power Toothbrushes, $2 WYB 3 $1 Toothpastes).

Started with $24+Ups - $16+Ups=$8+Ups + $26+Ups=$34+Ups.

Back to my card again and I bought this stuff.....

This lot of stuff cost me $.45 on my gift card after Qs/sales and used $6 in +Up Rewards.  I received $16 in +Up Rewards back(2 x $3 Oral-B Toothpaste, $10 WYB $30 J&J Deal).

Started with $34+Ups - $6+Ups=$28+Ups + $16+Ups=$44+Ups

And one more transaction on my Card again......

I spent $.34 on my gift card and Qs/sales and used $10 in +Up Rewards.  I received $13 in +Up Rewards back($3 Crest Rinse, $5 Lanacane, $1 Lanacane-a monthly maybe?, $4 Revlon WYB 2 beauty tools).

Started with $44+Ups - $10+Ups=$34+Ups + $13+Ups=$47+Up Rewards.
The Revlon tools qualified for a $2 Single Check Rebate as well.

So to recap, I put $3.47  of Out of Pocket expenses on my free gift card, brought home $244.34 worth of toiletries, grew my +Up Rewards from $14 to $47 and Rite-Aid is sending me a $2 cash rebate also.

I made a few mistakes this past week running my Deals at Rite-Aid but all in all?.....I was tearing it UP at Rite-Aid. ;-)

And I did a lot of this on Saturday......still product in the stores at the end of the week for a change.  I gave my fellow shoppers plenty of opportunity to get these deals this week, before I swept in and finished my shopping off on Sat. afternoon.   I detest shelf clearing but if it's 4pm on Saturday and the sale ends on Sat. night at 9pm, I will take the last 2 of something at that point......or maybe get a raincheck. ;-)

No excuse for dirty hair or teeth in this house now.....!

August Grand Totals so far this month.....

Out Of Pocket....$0  cash
Value of items bought....$244.34
Savings Rate of  100%
Single Check Rebate due....$2.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket....Stil $0 lol
Savings Rate Still  100%

+Ups at beginning of month...$14+
+Ups used....$37+
+Ups received...$70+
+Ups currently...$47+ 



  1. I said Rite Aid to myself after I read the title and Littlest asked me why I was talking to myself. LOL

    I know you too well. haha

    1. Yes, you do!hehehehe Heck between the grocery store, the bank and RA, it's easy to guess where I go, because I never go anywhere else!lol

  2. I will soon be rid of Anna and DJ will be heading back to school so I can get back to being happy, wait no....stocking up on deals. Yeah, that's it.


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