Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Finally Frugal and Happy" Blog & Judy UPDATE

I finally heard back from Judy last night via email.
She is ok first off.  She isn't sick or anything.

She IS dealing with some "personal family issues" which necessitated her shutting down her blog again.
I'm not at liberty to go into the details but trust me, she had to!

Between work and these personal issues she hasn't even had time to bop around and read/comment on the blog of anyone else either.
Is her blog gone for good?......not sure.
This is just how it is with Judy for now.

If anyone wishes to contact her, feel free to email me a message and I'll send it on, or leave a comment on this post and I'll tell her to get her rear over here and read them.

It saddens me and makes me angry to see her going through the crap she told me about that I can't share.

I think Judy could use a little encouragement for all of us right about now so leave her some love if ya can!



  1. Please tell Judy I am thinking of her! I love her blog and I love all the commments she has left on mine also. I really really hope she comes back to the blog world soon! A piece is missing from my day when I don't have her blog to read!

  2. I wish Judy luck in dealing with whatever she is going through. I try to be understanding and Judy does not owe me a thing, but it get frustrating to have to hunt people down over and over.

  3. Judy... just wanted you to know that I miss reading about your family, your recipes, your life! I always come away from your blog with soemthing to think about. Whatever it is you are dealing with... I hope it goes well. Looking forward to seeing you in blog-land soon!

    (I am anonymous because I am friggin' clueless on how to be anything else... ARGH!!! Deb.)

  4. Judy,
    I hope you know that you are missed. I enjoyed reading your blog. I don't know what is going on but know that God does know and he loves you and has you and your family and your problems in the palm of his hand. Lean on God and not on your own understanding. He is strong enough for the both of you.
    Hopefully, God willing, you can start another blog when it is the right time.
    God bless you!

  5. Sluggy,
    Will you ask Judy to e-mail me? I would love to keep in touch with her!

    Hey, did you see me waving on I81 when we were going through Wilkes-Barre today?? I was looking for you! :)! And what the heck is with the heatwave???

  6. Hope everything works out for Judy. I will keep her and her family in my prayers. I do enjoy reading her blog and hope she comes back. Family comes first though so take your time.

  7. :( Tell Judy we miss her!! I hope it's nothing too serious and she'll be back soon!!! Good luck and lots of hugs!

  8. That's too bad! Tell her we're thinking of her.

  9. Very much miss her blog. It seems that every time I go MIA she does too. I need to stop doing that! Udy, feel better. This too shall pass, and it hopefully does so sooner rather than later so you can come back to the Blogosphere! We'll be waiting.

  10. Hi - I've never really commented on your blog, or Judy's but I read them every time you update! My thoughts and prayers are with Judy's family. Hoping that everything turns out for the best and she can come back to Blogland :) ~ Danielle

  11. Well that's sucky news about Judy! I haven't been around much lately but I did hear that she had disappeared. Thank you sluggy for passing on the news.
    Judy - I miss you so much! Your humour and practical take on life's little problems always cheer me up and make me vow to do better. I hope that whatever is going on will turn out well and not take too much of your time and effort. Having said that I know you wouldn't close down your blog down just for something to do so know that you have my support and friendship and positive vibes! Sending you lots of warm hugs!

  12. Judy said she loved me. But where was she was I was stuffin' my face with Cheese Curls?

    Dear j(U)dy, you know I love you back. Stay in touch!

  13. Judy - I miss you and your blog. God bless you and your family. I think of you everyday.


  14. I echo many sentiments expressed already:

    Family first! "J" you take care of yourself and your family... don't worry about us--we will be here when you get back!

    Like Melissa said, the day just isn't any good till we get to read "J's Blog"!!

    And when you DO come back, we hope it will be easy to find you!! Tracking your newest blog down can be hard!!

    {{{hugs}}} to you and WE MISS YOU "J"!!!

  15. Please send love to Judy and if she needs anyone to whoop some @$$, I'll be happy to help!

  16. I was a new reader of hers when her blogged closed. I love how real she is and I can relate to a lot of her stories. I hope she comes back soon but in the mean time I hope all works out for her and her family.

  17. Yes we will all!miss udyshe always made me laugh,hope she will be back hugs and prayers. Now mark will have to kick it up a notch

  18. Eek you wrote this ages ago and I just found it today. :(

    If Judy does come on here, and I hope she does, please tell her I've been thinking about her a lot lately. Especially last night when I did my Family Meeting-- an idea inspired by her and executed with her support.

    If she doesn't come on, please send her this message from me, the Mutant. And also, she may consider a private blog-- one that is password protected. I know it's not conducive to generating revenue but you know what? Blogging isn't always about generating revenue. It's more often than not about connecting and sharing and supporting and lamenting to a group of people who care even though they don't know your face in a crowd. So yes please send all that her way. I miss her muchly and seriously hope things get better quickly.


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