Monday, August 6, 2012

Food Spending August Week 1 & Meal Planning Week 2

Ain't it the truth.....

And here is the "meal plan" that actually happened last week.....

Sunday--BBQ Chicken, Collard Greens
Monday--Hamburger Helper type casserole, Pickles
Tuesday--Leftovers/Fend For Yourself
Wednesday--Subway Sandwiches
Thursday--KFC, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Biscuits
Friday--Leftovers/Fend For Yourself
Saturday--Fried Fish, Yellow Squash, Coleslaw
I cooked 3 meals at home last week.  Hubs and I got a sandwich on Wed. since no one else was home, I didn't see the point of cooking a big meal in the heat.  KFC was our splurge/eating out for the week.  It gave us 2 full meals worth for $21.
#2 Son wasn't home for dinner Mon.-Fri. due to band.

The weekly food spending was $119.98 done in 2 trips to Weis and 1 trip to the local Shursave Market. I had a $5 WYS $50 Q for Shursave so I bought ice cream, milk, carrots, 2 types of fruit, deli meat, 2 loaves of bread, tartar sauce, 6 jars of spaghetti sauce, 6 bottles of salad dressing and 2 boxes of tea bags.
The last few items were part of a Spend $20/Get $7 Catalina Q Unilever Deal.  The 2 trips to Weis to do the Purina Dog Food and the Nestle Deals.   The Purina Deal didn't produce the Catalina so I got a $10 gift card which I promptly forgot to use for the Nestle Deal. doh!  I did receive the $5 Cat for the Nestle Deal.  Between the 2 stores I have $12 in Cats and a $10 Gift Card to spend on future free food in the coming weeks.
Besides the Cat Deals at Weis I picked up some cheap chicken cutlets, pork ribs, some steaks and some reduced bakery muffins.

I have $280.02 left of my $400 food budget for August.

Going into the new week I have the following leftovers to use up......nothing at all.


This week's menu.....
Sunday--Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Green Beans
Monday--Meatloaf, Squash Casserole
Tuesday--Tuna Helper, Tossed Salad
Wednesday--Chicken in the Crockpot, Stir-fry Veggies
Thursday--Tacos or Taco Salad
Friday--Pizza, Salad
I have squash and green beans to use from the garden this week.  
We are suppose to have some cooler days this week so I'll be turning on the oven 1 or 2 nights(2 nights if I make a homemade pizza instead of using one of these gift cards I have for a couple of pizza places around here).  I'll make enough meatloaf for leftovers.
What I need to buy this week to serve this menu?..... lettuce.  Also more lunch  meat, fruit, eggs, yogurt and milk for non-dinner needs.   This should be a light week for groceries.  I'm figuring $30 for all.

So what's on deck for your menu this week?



  1. I had a plan, but it's already SNAFU.

    Sun: Tacos, but Kat was sick and had chicken soup

    Mon: Meatloaf, but we'll probably have more tacos

    Tues: Tuna Sandwiches, but we'll probably have meatloaf

    Wed: Sweet Orange Teriyaki Chicken

    Thurs: Leftover Meatloaf

    Fri: Camping - something w/shrimp

    Sat: Camping - something w/shrimp and chicken

    1. Fri and Sat.....What? No meatloaf??

  2. Such yummy menus... I wonder what the "fend for yourself" menu looks like, though! Do you fry your fish in a batter, or just flour?

    1. Tanner,
      Fend for Yourself is either take your pick from the leftovers and/or make something yourself.....and that can be anything from something frozen like a burrito or a hamburger to cracking open a box of ramen or mac & cheese, or soup, or making a sandwich, a salad or ??

      I don't have any little kids anymore and everyone has at least a little cooking ability so for those nights? either rustle up some grub(Mmmm...grubs!lol)or you don't eat.

      If I am frying fish I don't want alot of breading on it, so I dredge in flour and a cornmeal mix and fry. Flour/Cornmenal mix=a Southern thing

      I also sometimes just dredge in dry hushpuppy mix, so you get the essence of puppies with your meal without having to eat them and all that extra grease. As puppy mix also has sugar in it, the coating on the fish is not only crunchy due to the cornmeal but a tad sweet. The family seems to like it well enough.

      If I am doing a batter(like a tempura batter), I'll use that on fried shrimp.

  3. Guess what it is cheaper to send Den to the store than it is for me to shop! Hmmmmm, he has come a long way!


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