Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poking Fun At Politics

If you have no sense of humor and you don't want to see yet another political post on the internet, just leave now.

If you've been hanging around Chez Sluggy for awhile you know that I often times drip with sarcasm.
I do enjoy a good needling, don't you?
Especially when a subject is ripe for poking fun at.
Like say......Politics and those vile creatures known as Politicians.
Or more specifically deeply embedded career politicians.

When the gang of guys who founded this country were tinkering with how things should work in the new Republic of the United States, one of their principles was that government be as small as possible.
It was there to protect us from foreign and hostile invaders(army/militia) and to keep the order internally by way of rules and enforcement(laws/police).
It was not there to take all our income(taxes)or get in the way of our conducting business(bureaucracy).

The people who served in government did so on a limited basis.  Elected officials served their term or 2 and then they went home to their REAL job or business and continued to live their life and SUPPORT THEMSELVES.
You didn't stay in office for 40 years and then retire and go home lugging along a big fat retirement package that the people who elected you in the first place had to work additional years to pay for YOUR lifetime monthly check along with the work to save for their own retirement income.

But I digress.....

The founding fathers didn't foresee how politicians would take advantage of the system.
Knowing human nature they should have  seen it coming but they weren't perfect.
They dropped the ball.
And after 236 years of bloat and graft, look at the Monster we have now!

(The cartoon could be a Rep. Admin....doesn't matter which party.)

Again I digress......

The point is I found a "cute" little video online and I thought I'd share it with you all.
It also reminds me of a favorite quote of mine attributed to Albert Einstein.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Please thing about this quote as we get closer to Election Day on Nov. 6th.

And now, with apologies to Rogers & Hammerstein for your listening


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