Friday, August 10, 2012

Thinking Like a Generation Z-er

This is a bit dated but it's still funny.
Though this would be funnier if I didn't think some of what he is saying IS what young people think!
Check it out......


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  1. Very funny video and sadly, many young folks do think this way.

    My son and his girlfriend broke up back in April. It was tough for all of us, we all still love her. But my son now realizes that they were not on the same page with finances. She liked to spend, he likes to save. She thought him cheap, but she does not have the "grown up" expenses he, gasoline, food, plus he paid for most of his college expenses. Our middle daughter just hit us up for money. Seems her fiance has lost another job, but somehow has the money to buy the latest video games and go to Disneyland. She claims she is NOT giving him money, like in the past.

    I for one do not understand where kids today get this from. My hubs and I were raised my hard working middle class parents, who taught us the value of a dollar. As many of our friends parents did. We certainly could not be retired at 50 if we spent like the younger kids(July spending aside). So where has "our" generation gone wrong with our kids?

    blessings, jill


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