Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And Speaking of Cars......

We are witnessing some extended family stuff involving cars and making unwise choices with money lately here, so I thought some recent mail I received was very apropos to what is going on.

I think the synchronicity of the Universe had something to do with me getting this mail at this very moment. ;-)

Sometimes I just have to laugh at stuff though.
Like the other day.
I got some junk know, that stuff companies send you to try to get you to buy something they are selling.

Obviously whomever sold them MY name from some big database of suckers potential customers is actually clueless as to how futile and wasteful this attempt at selling me is!

Here's what showed up in my all it's full color, luxurious papery booklet goodness, enclosed in elaborate plastic packaging(which I did not photo before throwing out)........

And just in case you didn't catch the brand in that photo.....

These hunks of metal start at $41,300.
Like I would ever spent that kind of money on a car!
Not in this lifetime and not while I have my faculties about me.

Because a new car loses 20% of it's value by the end of the first year so I'd be out $8,260 after 1 year of ownership.
You can get a real nice used car for what this rust bucket car depreciates in 1 year.

Not only that but you are looking at a car payment in the neighborhood of $900+ a month if you have to finance it.

I guess Hubs and I are on some list somewhere of people who have cash so that is why we get offers for luxury cars, country clubs, cruises, platinum level credit cards, all kinds of vacation/resort packages/clubs, jewelers, designer this and that, etc.
And do you know why we have money?
Because we don't spend it on crap like this! lol

Yes, I choose to be inspired Infiniti....inspired NOT to waste money on stuff that doesn't matter.



  1. Those babies start at $44,900 + taxes, transport costs, a/c tax, tire tax, blah, blah... Over $50k to get off the lot here in Canada where I am.
    I would be lying if I said that the Infinity EX 35 wasn't calling my name the entire time I was looking for a replacement car. There was this sweet 2008 with very low milage that wanted me to test drive it !). But alas, anyone that sat in the back would have to remove their legs for the trip. My husband at 6'1" didn't hear the call like I could either! Sadly the only pro to buying was that I would look good grinning like an idiot driving. Price, gas consumption, family friendly, cost of any future repairs, insurance...bananas.
    So for $10k less another good ol Honda.
    Not worth the sacrifice to pay on a big SUV like that. It would have to sit in the driveway because I couldn't afford to go anywhere!!!

    1. I guess I am odd or something because none of these expensive cars talk to me. Ok, NO car talks to me, no matter the
      But if you have to buy one, finding one used wouldn't be as bad I guess. 8-)

  2. Sluggy,
    The better your credit and the type credit card drives these luxury offers to your box. However, I must say I don't have money and no credit card. Yet, one thing drives a few offers to me. I have about 1500 shares of a worthless stock that is a penny stock.

    Two guys convinced me to try this by giving me the money for them on my birthday about 8 years ago. They are worth nothing now=$0, but somehow I am on a list that I was never on before this purchase. By the way, the stocks were worth $650/share the year before. So, I will have to pay to sell them. I just keep them because they cost me nothing now.

    1. Since we have no mortgage and don't do debt for so long now I had assumed that my credit score had taken a nose dive by now. I guess that one little cc we pay off each month still has us in the game, huh?

  3. We don't get flyers like that. I guess we aren't special! But when we did open up a line of credit at HHGregg, the guy almost fell over. He also tried to sell us everything in the store. It was a no go on that one!
    People having money probs, hhmmmmmmm? Next they will be asking for cash. Why is it we save and scrimp so others think they have the right to borrow it?

  4. I am with you. I hear people at work, who can't afford them, talking about buying expensive cars. One lady bought a new car and had to borrow the money for the insurance premium. What?

    I like having a nice car, but it is not going to cost a fortune.


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