Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Mystery Peeps

If you are the family archivist, I implore you,  PLEASE LABEL YOUR PHOTOS!

While my mother was pretty good about labeling family photos, I do have scads of photos with no information about them....not the people, the place or the date.  But most of them I recognize the people peering out from those pieces of paper as I knew them at some point in their lives.

But there are some that reach back, way back into the past and I am clueless!

If any of my mother's relatives......the Baker, Vassar, Tucker, Harper branches of our tree are out there reading this, and you recognize this photo or these people, please leave a comment or email me privately!

Here's the first photo......

And then there is this family portrait.....

I believe these are copies of photos my mother obtained at one of the Baker/Vassar Family Reunions she attended back in the 1990's in Charlotte County, VA.  She left no information about the photos or the folks in them.
I am assuming I am related somehow to these peeps but a few names would be nice to know.  ;-)

I also have a copy of a photo from the 1920's or early 1930's(I believe)of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather with some of their children(and possibly a few spouses of their children and the children's children(my GGrands grandkids).
I'll post the photo here in case some of my Baker/Vassar relatives are reading this and can help me out by identifying the people I can't.......

My Grandmother is the older of the 2 girls kneeling in front holding babies(the one to the left not sticking her tongue out).
My Great Grandmother is to the right of the really old woman in the center. GGrand is wearing an apron.
Those are the ones I recognize definitely.

I think my Great Grandfather is behind and to the left of the really old woman in the center.
And I believe that the really old woman in the center is either my GGrandmother's Mother or my GGrandfather's Mother.
I believe the younger adult woman  to the left of the really old woman is Louise or Rosabel.
I believe the younger adult woman  behind and to the right of my Great Grandmother is Virginia.
I believe the adult man in front of her with the "prominent ears" is Lealon.
I believe the girl kneeling with her tongue hanging out is either Doris or Lula.
If the baby my Grandmother is holding is my mom, then one of the other babies may be Grandma's youngest brother Barry.....but that would only be the case if this photo was taken after 1934.
As for the men.....I really don't know my Grandmother's brothers by sight, so I don't know which are  brothers and which are spouses of her sisters.

It would have been nice to have had the folks labeled on this picture. *sigh*

So many questions I have! 8-)



  1. I hear and second that!! In going through all the boxes at Dad's house, I'm finding scads and scads and more scads of unlabeled photos from Mom's and Dad's past. Friends from college, Army buddies, etc. I'll never have a clue who any of those people are now. Even when Dad was still alive this year, he couldn't remember, just that he sometimes recognized them (especially the pretty girls :) ). So I'm with Sluggy - please, everyone, write on the backs of your pictures so that information isn't lost!

  2. You are so right about putting names on photos. My mother would go through her trunk several times a year, telling me who all the people were. I tried to memorize the names since she refused to do so when I offered to get a pen or pencil. She was always tired and in a hurry. At one point before I was twelve, I remembered names she could not remember. If I were 11, she was 37, so it was not senility or old age...we all start forgetting names.

    So, I sat alone after the trunk was closed, sometimes at night in bed and recalled pictures and recounted to myself who was in the pictures. I was about 6 when I started doing this. I know that sounds like I was a strange little Now, every photo of mine is labeled.

    Digital photos? Not so much labeling there.

    i have pictures that are not of my family that someone, someday, somewhere will try to search for family connections and try to put names to faces.


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