Friday, August 24, 2012

JB Fletcher Has Nothing on Me!

And if you get the reference in the title, you  are old and watched way too much TV in the 1980's!

The other day I was at Rite-Aid(of course I was!lol) picking up a prescription.
I commented to the pharmacist that my co-pay seemed ALOT higher than usual.
It was in fact almost double what I usually pay for the generic version I get of said drug.
We both shrugged our shoulders and I paid and when home.

Then Daughter picked up her prescriptions yesterday and when I went over the receipt to write her a check to reimburse her for paying for them, I noticed that 1 of her drugs was the exact same medicine in the exact same size with the exact same dosage.....and it did NOT cost almost double like mine did.

You probably can't make out my very bad, blurry photo but the receipt on the left says $18.72, the receipt on the right says $10.00 for the exact same meds.

So I dug out my old prescription bottle and my new prescription bottle and had my Eureka! moment......
Again, let me translate the bad photograph.....
The label on the right says "Take 2 tablets by mouth daily", the label on the left says "Take 1 tablet by mouth daily".
So my old bottle's 60 pill refill was for a month and my new bottle's 60 pill refill was 2 months worth.
Someone at Rite-Aid goofed when printing out the label.
And that goof  caused the insurance company to think I was getting 2 months worth so I got charged 2 month's worth of co-pay instead of 1 month's worth.

After 20 minutes of showing the evidence, explaining and wild gesticulating(see how I used a $20 word there?lol), the pharmacist checked my records, printed a new instruction label, changed some information in his computer and then handed me $8.72 back.

Not only do I get paid to buy toiletries at Rite-Aid but now I can claim that I get paid to get my drugs there too......well, at least this once, right? ;-)

While I was there, I took the opportunity to pick up a few more things and grow my +Up Rewards.....

2 x R-A Hand Sanitizer on sale $1=$2.00
1 x Max Freeze on sale=$7.00
2 x St. Joseph Aspirin on sale $4.99=$9.98
3 x $1 size R-A Juice drinks w/20% wellness discount.80¢=$2.40

Coupons Used
2 x $2/1 St. Joseph Aspirin over $4.49 IPQ(HERE)=$4.00

I used $17 in +Up Rewards and put the .38¢ on my gift card.
I got $18 +Up Rewards back(2 x $1 Sanitizer, $1 WYB 3 juice drinks, $7 Max Freeze, 2 x $4 St. Joseph).

I used $17 and got $18 back.

Analyze This!--
* The St. Joseph is part of a +Up Deal along with Anacin and something else that are each on sale for $4.99.  Each give a $4 +Up back.  Use the $2 IPQ and buy the St. Joseph's and it's a small moneymaker after +Ups.  I take a baby aspirin each day so I can score these larger pills.  I can stretch each 200 count bottle out to give me 2+ years worth of the baby aspirin dosage.
* The #2 Son can use these smallish juice drink bottles for Marching Band.
*  The R-A Juice drinks also qualify for a monthly $2+Up WYB $10 in R-A pantry items.  I believe it only runs through next week so you have to spend $10 quickly to get that $2 +Up.

Here's a heads up if you need free shampoo at Rite-Aid the week of 9/2.
Go to the Video Values before Aug. 29th and watch the Infusium23 clip while it's still available.
Then print out the $2/1 AdPerks Q and take it to the store the week of 9/2.
Infusium 23 products will be $4.99 that week.
Use your $2 Q and pay $2.99 and you will receive a $3 +Up Reward back(limit of 2 per card on this deal).
This makes the Infusium 23 free after +Ups.

Here are the August Grand Totals so far.....

Out Of Pocket....$.70  cash
Value of items bought....$472.71
Savings Rate of  99.85%
Single Check Rebate due....$5.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... -$4.30
Savings Rate  100%

+Ups at beginning of month...$14+
+Ups used....$154+
+Ups received...$166+
+Ups currently...$26+



  1. Not only will I freely admit to knowing who JB Fletcher is but I have also been watching "Murder, She Wrote" courtesy of my Netflix account.


  2. Author? Detective fiction?

    It's amazing how many things go wrong and it costs us more. I have to stay on top of all sorts of figures like this. I just found out I have been paying property tax for three or four years when I should have been exempt. I am sure it will entail and attorney to get it back for me. Scrutinizing every figure on bills and receipsts has become a full-time job that is tiring. I will have to watch for the type mistake you had if I ever have a copay go up.


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