Friday, June 9, 2023

Frugal Friday....the June 9th Edition

 Welcome to Frugal Friday!   

There are very few Frugal wins this past week and not everything here wouldl be considered frugal but here goes......

*  Hubs did some minimal grocery shopping this week for himself as I am on a minimal food plan to move these unbudgeable pounds off.  Usually a cruise sees me gain 10+ lbs. which I can take off within the first week back.  This time I only gained 7-8 lb. and there were gone again in 2 days time.  Now it's doubling down time and another 5 lbs. are in the rear view mirror in the last 3 days.  We aren't stopping until enough is off so I can be approved for knee replacement surgery.  Taking no prisoners time!

*  After being forced to stay onboard due to an unexpected last minute tender I made the most of it and did lots of activities plus since it was the warmest day of the cruise I took a dip in the pool........


Hubs had just returned from the Wales shore excursion and snapped this photo.  I looked at the drunk people next to the pool in the hot tub and called them a bunch of pussies for not even trying the pool.  I think the whole trip me and one other gentleman even went into the pool the whole cruise.

*  Having a wonderful Hubby who was able to climb to the top of Caernafon Castle and taking great photos for me, including this shot from the very top of one of the parapets.......


*  I won a large branded tote bag and a t-shirt on the cruise(plus 3 sets of those little hotel toiletry bottles from 3 hotel stays. 

*  My happy place(one of many)in Cobh(cork)at the gift shop....

A few of these Guiness branded items *may* have made their way into my luggage home. ;-)

*  I found money!  

We only strolled through the casino one time and I fouund an abandoned machine with 6 cents of credit not cashed out so we cashed it out and took it to the casino desk and I "found" .06¢.

Total Found in last Week.... .06¢
Total Found this Year.......$2.10

That's all for this past week.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. Good luck with the weight loss, and I hope you are able to have the knee replacement surgery soon. I'm sorry that you weren't able to see the castle, but I'm glad your hubby was able to go and take such a great picture. What a view! Hope you were still able to have a good time and see lots of sights. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. Once upon a time, I could have lost weight the way you are doing it. Now, I am beyond hungry and have blood sugar problems. How much did the doctor tell you to lose? I have a strong feeling that if I were going to have knee replacement and just lost weight, the knee would not hurt.
    That was a spectacular he captured. I am afraid of heights, so it made me woozy just looking at the picture.

  3. I never have anything to add to your frugal posts, but recently we took the plunge and signed up for AT&T fiber internet service for $55.00 a month. We have been paying $95.00 a month to Mediacom for years, so that's a nice savings. Back in Feb, we applied for a grant to get a fortified roof, which was completed a month later. With the 10K grant, the new roof only cost us about $3300.00. With the fortified roof, we are now saving $50.00 a month on our wind and hail insurance.

  4. I found 8 bags of Finish dishwasher packs on clearance for $.87 each. Ibotta had rebates for $5 and $7 so that was my excitement for the week.

    You may want to try the Ole Xtreme Wellness tortillas. They’re low calorie and really high in fiber. A hummus and vegetable wrap made with the spinach one is good and very filling.

  5. With a temporary household of three, one of which being a fit, active, male, my groceries are through the roof. I'm trying to offset this by telling myself he's providing free dog walking and handyman services. There is nothing frugal about widowhood. Every action I need to do seems to result in leeking more funds than I planned. My daughter and I went to a free community concert, so I guess free entertainment is my thrift for the week.

  6. I can’t imagine being so big you aren’t medically ready for a surgery 😰. Wishing you lost weight and hopefully kept off and inspires you to live healthy now. Life is amazing when you can move and groove!

  7. Sounds like you had a good time on your cruise.

    Having just had arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday, I feel your pain on knee issues. I hope you are successful in your weight loss goal to get approved for surgery. I am hoping that my surgery will stop me from injuring my knee further. I am just ready to be out of pain.
    I guess frugally, I had friends bring over dinner. A friend loaned me her ice machine that I was able to use to keep the swelling down on my knee. I waited until after the school year so I didn't have to lose any wages.


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