Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The May To-Do List 2023

 I know it's the end of June but we've had 3 family issues to deal with since coming back from our cruise so this May To-Do List is a tad late.

Here's what was slated to get done and how we did(or didn't) 8-)

*  Pay Bills  DONE  Always on time and last month many were paid well ahead as we were gone for the last third of the month.

*  Go to 1 DR. appointment  DONE  Had what turned out to be my last appointment with my NP at the disaster of a medical clinic as they canceled by text my June 9th appt and though they said they'd reschedule it within the next 48 hours I've heard nothing but crickets from them(and it's been 12 days).  I am now under the care of a competent facility.  One of the missteps we made when moving to this area was prioritizing proximity rather than stellar care.  I am now trying to play catch up with basic maintenance plus referrals to specialists and get things done before the end of 2023 when I lose private insurance.

*  Replace bathroom lights  DONE  Hubs took the master bathroom light down and discovered there was no box behind them where they attach to the wall.  Plus the part on the wall where the hole where the electrical wires come out was larger than the plate that covers it on the fixture  Ugh  This meant two of the lights we bought had to be returned to the store and we had to find two new light fixtures.  In the end it all worked out.

The original lighting fixture went into the guest bath.  You can see the nasty old yellow paint where the previous fixture covered the wall.  The room needs painting anyway.  The disconcerting thing was discovering that the fancy "gold" framed mirror was hanging in place by 1 nail, no screws or even a wall anchor and could have conked someone on the head at any moment.  Mirror is now installed properly but I still need to take some spray paint to the frame at some point and get rid of that "gold" color.

This is one of the two new matching lighting fixtures that the electrician(see last months bills)installed in the Master Bathroom.   It's so bright in there now you could perform surgery! lol  These mirrors weren't hanging by a single nail at least but you can see where the previous owner, another area "Bubba", had screwed through the frames to attached them to the sheetrock.  Doesn't everyone want metal screws showing in your mirror frames?? 8-P

*  Clean and Organize stuff in House  IN PROGRESS  With the amount of stuff that needed doing/organizing it's been slow going but I get something done every day at a pace I can without causing further injury to myself.

*  Buy Stuff for House  DONE  I can't even begin to list all the stuff we've had to purchase so far!  Hubs and I refer to this house as the "Project House" as so much needs fixing and/or replacing to get to a livable standard.

*  Finish moving tubs from Garage  DONE  All the tubs stored in the 
Bubba Garage" had to be moved indoors before the heat overtook down here.  I did find my serger peddle and my iron stand.  Bad news is the past machine, the food processor and all the pots and pans lids are still MIA and I fear they are gone forever.

*  Clean out Inserts/Coupon Envie  DONE  Not much to do to knock this one off the list as I haven't printed a coupon in ages.  I just have the few inserts that come in the mail once a week and use digital coupons when able.

*  Edit More Photos  In PROGRESS  This is a never ending job.  Perhaps if I stopped taking photo I'd catch this one up? lol

*  Post about Old Trips  FAIL  Nope, not enough hours in the day right now, though I have edited some videos for some older trips.

*  Work on Genealogy  DONE  did a little work for others but the best thing was confirming some direct native American ancestors(of course on my maternal side).

*  Hang Ceiling Fans  FAIL  Well we bought a couple of ceiling fans.  But when we went to install/change out the one in what is my sewing room the box holding the fan and light was barely attached.  I could have been decapitated if we had NOT changed that fan out!  This required research and numerous trips to the hardware store and then we left town so it's still not finished.  Luckily?  that room gets great sun(won't be so great soon in this heat)and I can use it during daylight hours with the curtains open. 8-)

Sewing room with a hole and electrical wires where a ceiling fan and light should be.  Lovely

*  Organize Clothes IN PROGRESS  Packing obviously made more of a mess digging through clothing in the closet but some items got put away in their proper place

*  Pack for Trip  DONE obviously  Packed, drove, flew, sailed then did it all again in reverse order.  We didn't forget anything and we paired down what we took, keeping to one checked bag each plus a carryon which mostly carted back some presents and souvenirs(as is required on a vacation).

*  Cash a Savings Bond  DONE  We finally found a small local credit union that would do these kind of transactions.  Evidently folks around these parts don't believe in buying/holding US Savings Bonds as the manager was unfamiliar with the process of cashing them and had to consult a manual to get it done.  Then she told us in the 7 years working at that credit union this was the FIRST one she ever had to deal with.  WTF??

Some days down here it is truly like living on Mars. lol



  1. I learned to go for quality healthcare than going to nearest. I travel from Birmingham to Huntsville to go to one specialist.
    Hopefully, not all of the homes have no boxes! For safety sake, I would check even the outlets to make sure they have electric boxes. No matter where a person lives, there are codes.
    Did you have possession of all your boxes or did someone move you? It is strange to lose them, but maybe you will find them. Replace them and then you will find them.

    1. In my house built in 1902, I was still finding things originally not built to code and things people fixed themselves instead of hiring someone competent to do repairs or additions. It was scary.

  2. Mars! Hahaha! We call AL The Alternate Universe.

  3. Which is why you need to live on Pluto with me.


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