Friday, June 23, 2023

Frugal Friday......the June 23rd Edition

Welcome to Frugal Friday!   

There are very few Frugal wins this past week and not everything here would be considered frugal but here goes......

*  Being on this restrictive short term eating plan meant we spent very little at the grocery store this past week.  The freezer is packed with food for Hubs to eat as long as he remembers to thaw something. lol

*  The best highlight of the week was finding a competent new doctor attached to a major medical facility here, an LSU based hospital with lots of specialists. Yippee!

*  I also completed most of the paperwork to be accepted into this special program of top joint replacement surgeons sprinkled around the country.  I am waiting for 2 appointments here, one for a lab draw and physical and the other with a local orthopedist to send x-rays and sign off that I require this surgery.  By July 12th I'll have this all completed.

*  I found money!  

Hubs had to make an emergency trip to PA so the doggies and I stayed with my daughter and son in-law for 4 days last week.  After she took me to my new PCP appointment we made a stop at Walmart to pick up her meds.  I went along on one of those electric carts with her.  Besides purchasing 3 items I also found this penny and dime-the penny past the checkouts near customer service and the dime next to the door into the store while I waited for her to pick me up with her car.

Then on a horrible day with no electricity on Friday(heat index of 110F anyone?)I finaly said, "Oh hell, NO!" and Hubs drove me to a motel.  We stopped at a Pilot Travel Center with power, filled the car with gas and grabbed something to eat.  I went into the convenience store part to pick up some drinks and found this penny by one of the self-checkouts.

Total Found in last Week.... .12¢
Total Found this Year.......$2.22

That's all for this past week.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. Do you get your electric power from Texas? We are dealing with crazy rates in Ohio, and one of our options is supplies from Texas. Ironic that they can't maintain their own power grid but sending it across the country.

  2. Yikes on no electricity in that heat! I would have went to a motel too.

  3. We would have gone to a motel, too. You could not even have a fan without electricity.

  4. I bought strawberries on sale at Kroger this week. Strawberry price determines my store lately.

    That’s pretty much it but I let my mother in law borrow my car while hers was being repaired. That saved her the price of a rental car and she cleaned mine. It was really dirty.

  5. I am so sorry you had no electric... while getting things around on the new place look for a generator.


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