Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pride Month All the Time

Hubs and I made it to Cork, Ireland a few days ago-the land of my paternal lines except for my 3 x Great Grandfather, which DNA testing indicates he may have been originally from Germany.  Crossing the street in the downtown of Cork I noticed this crosswalk....

I thought my friends who don't do Facebook where I posted this photo originally might appreciate seeing it.  Post pandemic, the Pride flag was painted fittingly on Patrick St.(or Padraic in the Gaelic)in 2022 for #Pride Cork(which was celebrated in July that year).

I am happy to report that the crosswalk is still there thought "it be needin' a refresh".

As the article HERE says(if you can't get it to load)...."Cork was the first city on the island to formally raise the Rainbow Flag on a civic or public building and the first to illuminate its City Hall in rainbow colours. The design of the new crossing is unique to Cork, incorporating as it does both the 6 bands of the traditional Rainbow Flag and also the progressive chevron representing people of colour, transgender and intersex identities."

I am proud that the home of my paternal ancestors is a safe space of acceptance as am I.

So go see Cork, Ireland, if the fates and with ya!

Or as my distant Virginia cousin, singer William Kenneth "Big Kenny" Aplphin on my maternal sied, part of the country duo BIG and RICH has as his motto "Love Everybody".


Inclusive Sluggy 


  1. I love that!!! Ireland is on my bucket list to visit.

  2. I had never seen the last pride flag until the women next door put one up in front of their house. Now, I wonder why they took it down.

    1. This incarnation of the Pride flag includes a chevron field,black and brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBT communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag. Your neighbor was probably targeted by hate groups or felt unsafe flying the flag, much like the KKK kept people of color in "their place" with intimitation tactics such as cross burnings and lynchings, etc. I am sorry that hate runs rampant in this country against people who lead an alternative lifestyle(for use of a better term).

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to Cork. My father was a proud Corkman. It’s my favourite city outside Dublin (where I was born, reared and live). Hope the rest of Ireland lived up to expectations.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Cork. My father was a proud Corkman. Hope the rest of Ireland lives up to expectations. From an Irish reader x


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