Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Income & Spending.....the May 2023 Edition

Now that we are living on an annuity, 401K$ withdrawals and social security payments, I am still going to keep track of our monthly spending and income, and hopefully we'll still be able to live BELOW our means and I'll have some leftover monies each month to tuck aside.

I am trying to be as transparent as I can with how much is coming in and how much is going out.  8-)

On to the May report---

I had 2 goals for May....
The 1st is to actually finish the month in the black and not the red.
The 2nd is to try to have a little cash leftover at the end of the previous month to tuck back into a slush fund.  This slush fun may be to apply toward unforeseen bills that are coming due in subsequent months, to spend on "extras/wants" during the year or to just sit there and grow until the end of 2023.
This month I also had a goal to survive the move and have a little fun.  So far, so good.;-)

I can report that we finished up May in the black.
The amount extra we ended the month of May with?...$862.13

Income or Funds We Can Access

The "income" in May---

*  Monthly annuity payment of $3,235.81(after tax withholding)
*  SS income of $3879.00
*  Interest earned on non-retirement accounts of $915.39

Total "Income" for May....$7,520.79

Expenses in May---
* Irregular bills in May were $2,783.07
* Variable Expenses in April came to $3,875.59
* Health insurance premiums totaling $1,194.82*
Total Expenses....$6,658.66


* Now that Hubs is on Medicare I include his supplement payment in variable/regular monthly expenses instead of the Health insurance premium.

Slush into May of $66,065.64 in that Fund, add the overage of $862.13 in May and we get $66,927.77 going into June's 2023's Slush Fund.
The Slush Fund on it's Page(tab at the top of the blog)shows an addition of $862.13.

As for the variable expenses this May here are the good and the bad side of things....


*  The cell phone, WAM, the water bill, Health Insurance Premium and internet were the same as last month.
* My Amazon c/c bill went down $441.13 in May.
*  Electric bill went down $45.27 last month.
*  Hubs Amazon c/c bill went down $2,677.74 in May.


*  The Mastercard c/c was $441.13 higher than last month.

*  We had irregular bills due in May too--
  *   Paid for a whole year of auto insurance at $1,592.00
  *  BOA c/c trip charges of $372.00
  *  Paid an electrician $202.50
  *  Hub's American Airlines card $243.84
  *  I paid for much needed smaller clothing $372.73

The Food Budget costs for May are in another post HERE.  Food costs are included in the credit card payment(mainly but sometimes our WAM cash too).

FINAL THOUGHTS on May 2023---Not a bad month financially with only the electrical work coming out of left field.  Glad the car insurance is paid for the next 12 months but it took a bite out of the budget.  The clothing was a necessary expense so I didn't drop my drawers on the cruise ship. lolz

THOUGHTS going forward into June 2023--no extra income in June except a small stock dividend, just same old, same old.  Another small charge for clothing purchased but the big one for 2 hotel nights with secure parking in Dallas while we cruised and all the London charges like a little food ,trinkets, cab rides, attraction, and  theater tickets plus a few more charges in other ports and that's all on Hub's Visa c/c which he has yet to give me the total.  I think he is afraid of letting me have it. lol  
We also have a Lowe's bill for a ceiling fan purchase and other miscellaneous and some food charges during the first third of  May.I am not looking to have any money leftover from June's bills so will most probably end up in the red once June is all accounted for.

So how was your May financially? 
Did you spend less than the income you had in May?
Did you stay within your budget or not?
What did you do with any money leftover at the end of the month?
Did you pay off any debts or put extra toward your mortgage principle or into savings, in an emergency fund or a retirement account?
Or did you blow it on a want?

If you posted your financial progress on your own blog, leave a link in the comments so we can go check out your progress too and celebrate or commiserate with you!



  1. You bought smaller clothes! I am so proud to you. When I come there I am altering a ton of your stuff.

    1. While I appreciate the offer I'd never make you work for free and if we finally get the neurology stuff done and my hands can work normally again I'll fix anything I want to save. I love you and Sissy and appreciate that y'all have my back. 8-)))

    2. Jre good for you! My weight fluctuates (sadly up 15# now and I was overweight already) but I’ve found I love some basics from Walmart! They have really stepped their game up and I do Belk online. (I’m in Mn). The brand Wonderly had several cotton gauze type shirts/tunics which I wear over stretch capris (Walmart) that I love! They were buy 1 get two free at around 16.00 then! surprisingly wash and dry well (in the dryer) and are in the plus size. Also I live in Walmart pj sets so soft!

  2. June is a bust I bought a car 27,457 way long overdue. Sluggy I might come knocking on your door

  3. May was ok somewhat but in June I just spent $3800 on repairing my old 2006 Lexus. It was a gift from my uncle so I am never getting rid of it if I can help it. He is deceased now. In June, I also fly non stop from Atlanta across the country and that plane ticket was $1200 but I paid for it months ago. I do have to pay for parking and while my son keeps my dog for me, I have to board my car because he fights with my son’s cats. I always spend about another $1200 at SAMS and the grocery store stocking up my daughter on everything from tp to steaks. My son in law grills them while I am there. I think they like for me to come… lol. Cindy in the South

  4. May was bad, June so far is worse . IF I break even this month I will be happy .PLEASE INSURANCE reimburse the blasted wrecker bill BEFORE the credit card is due. LOL

  5. While I was ill, I managed to fail and owed one late charge. I hate that and rarely ever have a late charge. More of my clothes are getting too small since I have gained weight. I hate that too. You are losing while I gain! Maybe I should go on your diet.


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