Monday, March 1, 2021

This Week on the Dining Table

   The "WTF?!?" Edition....

I've been meaning for some time to take a photo of this to share with y'all.  This monstrosity is at the discount grocery outlet I go to sometimes.  It's a giant banana lady with bananas on her head ala Carmen Miranda.  There's a button and when you push it(please don't!)this thing plays the Chiquita Banana Song.  They display their bananas under it(when they have bananas).  And 9 times out of 10 they have no bananas so she should sing this classic song from the 1920's.....

Onward to the meal planning!

Moving On-
This is what was planned....
1. Sunday--Leftover Mac and Cheese w/added Ham, sauteed Cabbage
2. Monday--Leftover Stroganoff, Rice, Spinach Souffle 
3. Tuesday--Seafood/Mushroom/Asparagus in Pastry w/Cheese Sauce, side Salad
4. Wednesday--Chicken Chow Mein w/added Veggies, Rice, Crunchy Noodles
5. Thursday--Leftover Beef Stew and Biscuit
6.  Friday--Not sure what ExCB wants for his Birthday Dinner yet on his day off, Cake
7. Saturday--Leftovers or ?

And this is what really happened.......
1. Sunday--Leftover Mac and Cheese w/added Ham, sauteed Cabbage
2. Monday--Leftover Stroganoff, Rice
3. Tuesday--Chicken Chow Mein w/added Veggies, Rice, Crunchy Noodles
4. Wednesday--Scallops/Mushroom/Asparagus in Pastry w/Cheese Sauce, Spinach Souffle 
5. Thursday--Leftover Beef Stew and Biscuit
6.  Friday--Chinese Take-Out, Cake
7. Saturday--FFY(I had a bowl of strawberries)

Last week saw 2 nights of home cooked dinners, 4 nights of leftovers/planned overs or FFY, 0 night of frozen pizza and 1 night of Take-Out/Eating Out.
Mostly everything planned was cooked/served except some meals happened on different nights.  The seafood in pastry became just scallops in pastry since the sea legs I took out of the freezer had burn and smelled "funny" so those got tossed.

What got put into the freezer last week....
* 2 lbs. raw shrimp
* 1 carton of ice cream
* 1 hunk of coho salmon

What got taken out of the freezer and used...
*  1 lb. of Scallops
*  1 package of Pastry Shells
*  1 Spinach Souffle

We spent $68.12 on food/toiletries/HBA/paper goods last week-2 small trips to Weis, 1 trip each to the Produce market, the Bread Outlet and Walmart. This brings our food/toiletries/paper goods Grand Total to $211.97 for February.  

There are 0 shopping days left in February.

I've earned $84.67 on Ibotta in February.
I've earned $00 on Checkout51 in February.
I've earned $4.00 on Coupons dotcom/Paypal in February.
I've earned 11,766 points from shopping on Fetch in February.
I've earned 6,001 point from food shopping on Shop Kick in February.
I've earned 0 points from food shopping on Swagbucks in February.

My savings percentage for last week was 56.01%(without "regular" Rite-Aid trips)for February and the monthly savings total for February comes in at 58.76%.(w/out R-A). 

Leftovers going into this week--beef stew, biscuits and scallops in pastry..  Hubs ate the chow mein and mac n' cheese w/ham for lunches and finished those off. 

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tossed Salad
2. Monday--Chicken and Dumplings w/Carrots
3. Tuesday--Leftovers
4. Wednesday--Beef Pie
5. Thursday--Leftovers
6.  Friday--Broiled Salmon, Sweet Potato Wedges, Veggie TBD
7. Saturday--Cheeseburger, Fries(maybe), assorted leftover side dishes or a Salad

What do I need to buy to fix everything on this menu?  Maybe some milk.  That's it as I bought salmon and sweet potatoes last week.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?  Not such great deals here unless I go to the discount food outlet.



  1. Looks like excb decided on Chinese for his birthday, yum! I've been thinking about Chinese lately too. I may have to get some before too long. I hope he had good birthday.

  2. You have made my day by posting the song and clip from Sabrina!

  3. I love that song! But, the display seems a little tone deaf. I just looked at the ads for this week starting Wed, and there is nothing much except Kraft cheddar $6/2. I think we have enough cheese.

  4. I really have no idea, I need to go do a freezer sweep. Something with burger?

  5. Almost a gallon of potato leek soup left so I’ll freeze some. Lasagna and veggie burritos again for the rest of the week. Asparagus was $.77 per pound so I bought a buttload and roasted it all yesterday. I’ll have asparagus pee all week! 😁

    Jen G.

  6. Whenever I am out of something, my husband sings yes we have no bananas, He is a Spike Jones fan. Oh and a weird Al fan. We have all sorts of fun times in this house. We know no current songs, give us the 20's -90's. :)


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