Friday, May 16, 2014

I Promise This is the Last Car Post--Ramblings On Spending Money

Well it's sort of a car post anyway.

Still no decision here on the new vehicle(or new to me vehicle depending on which one I go with).

I did contact my cc company this week and requested that they raise my credit limit $5K.
I am planning, no matter which car I buy, to put it on my credit card.

Ok, before you all have heart failure out there, remember that I pay my card off every month in FULL.
I never put more on it than I can pay off before each billing cycle ends.

Putting it on the card is more a convenience measure for me.

Plus do you realize how many freaking reward points I'll get for putting a $15K+ car on it?
All I can say is free Christmas gift cards for everyone! lolz

So in prep for the car purchase I raised the limit and I also already paid off the current balance, most of which was put on there from our vacation trip last month, Hub's commuting gas purchases and some clothes I got real cheap at K-Mart for #2 Son.
A $3400+ balance.
Thank goodness for a 3 paycheck month, which will go a long way to cover all that.

I've been kind of freaking out quietly all this week.

Not only do I have to drop a load of cash on a car, but we got word from various members of Hub's family that 2 of his siblings WILL be attending #2 Son's graduation after all.  This means not only do I have to find room to house & feed at least 1 of them but also my brother and his wife(who we knew for months were coming).  I don't like short notice on stuff like this.
Now it means more people in my house and it is NOT ready for this invasion of family.

For starters, I still have no living or dining room furniture.
I have a rug and a folding camping table and a coffee table my Hubs refuses to part with for some unknown reason.  He seems very attached to it and frankly, it is butt ugly.   But then again, so am I and he seems very attached to me too.  lolz

I just feel all this pressure now to buy furniture too and while not as expensive as a car, you all know that ain't cheap either.

So I've got a time crunch and I just can't seem to find exactly what I want at the price I want to pay that I can get delivered in time for the graduation.

Sure, it would be easy to just go in Raymour and Flannigan, pick out a matchy matchy set of something or other and hand over the credit card and have it in 3 days.

We did go in there last Sunday and they had a beautiful sofa for $900.  I just can't seem to pull the trigger on it because I don't think I should have to pay $900 for the sofa I want.
Of course as soon as I buy something, the thing will go on sale and I'll be banging my head against a wall.... ;-)
That's the way it always goes in my world.

I just don't like making snap decisions no matter how much it means forking over.
And having this kind of deadline just makes me want to dig in my heels and not make a decision even more.

I am sort of passive aggressive that way.

I guess the stress of my daughter's house purchase is also feeding into my anxiety.  The bank keeps pushing back the closing and the daughter is none too pleased and we are all on tenterhooks. 
While this gives her time to save up a little more cash before closing it also means they will have to move into the house almost immediately, before some necessary work can get done.  Ugh.  Stupid bank......

I just need to suck it up, take a Xanax or five(and a nap!)and get through the next couple of weeks.



  1. My biggest problem would be buying furniture on such last minute notice. For $900. I would buy an antique and reupholster it. That would not be cheaper, just better in my opinion.

    You pay insurance and taxes before the month they cover, so insist on foreclosure at or before the end of the month. That is in your best financial interest. Did I get that right? I had two hours sleep last night, so I cannot figure that out. Just look it up while I wake up.

  2. What happened with the danish dining room set? Didn't fit? Sounds like you are camping out, camping is fun...isn't it? My home in PEI has outdoor furniture inside and nothing much outside. Hey, people can always sit on the grass!

  3. When I bought the "new" to me car the dealership would only put $2500 on my cc. That was the rule, don't know if it was just the jerks I had to deal with or all jerky dealerships...

    So I don't think $900 is terrible for a nice couch. But things are expensive here for furniture. I say if ya love it, and are going to sit on it every day...that's not outrageous. Work out the cost per ass, number of hours, times years of butts... 8-).

  4. I didnt know that you could pay a car with a credit card. I so wish I could've paid my student loan with a credit card (having the cash back up on my checking account), or if I could pay my current loan that way without being hit with extra fees.

    I'm not sure you'd love this idea, but how about renting a furniture set? I think it's like $30 per week or something along those lines. We rented our first furniture set at my parents', and ended up buying them from them.


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