Friday, May 9, 2014

Purple Car Talk

Well I have to say, if you want comments to fly on your blog, post something about cars. lolz

The car color is called "Grape Ice".
It's sort of lavender...ish.
But I will call it purple.

No automaker is doing a true purple car right now other than this one.
As far as used cars, the Chevy SSR came in true purple in 2004......

It's sort of like an El Camino but with rounder lines.  I call El Caminos the Mullets of the auto in front, truck in back. lolz

The PT Cruise was made in purple up to 2005 and the closest one to here for sale now is in Michigan.....
It's a 2002 and manual tranny with 60K miles on it and they are asking $6K.

I'd much rather have this one.....

It's a 2005, manual tranny with 53K miles on it for $9K and it's in California.
And it's a convertible!

Honda made the Fit in 2009/2010 in Blackberry Pear......

Sweet color but can't find one for sale in that color.

GMC also made the Sierra 150 SLT Truck in Purple, it was a custom color.....

Of course, if I could find this car and it wasn't a bazillion dollars I'd want it too.....

A 1970 Dodge Challenger muscle car.

Bad on gas mileage but if you were driving this bad boy, who cares!?!

I have located a Grape Ice 2014 Spark for $14K an hour's drive from my house.
Of course, if I could live with a lime green one(which I could)and didn't mind having a manual tranny(not when you live on a mountain! lol), I could get that one for just under $12K.

You would think that because I have the cash to just write a check and drive it home, I'd in a position power with negotiating for this one.
Unfortunately, the dealers WANT YOU to finance.
In truth, that is where they make their money on a new car......the nickels and dimes they get off of you in the in-house financing.
They make very little on folks who buy outright with cash.

So paying cash(and paying less)don't really go together in this situation.

I really detest this whole dickering process with car buying.
A car should have a price and that's what you pay.
No bargaining crap.

Bring back Saturn dealerships! lolz

This is one of the good things about buying used cars from used car lots.
Besides being less expensive than a new car, the price they ask is what you pay.
Sure we've bargained down a couple times on used cars if we turned up something mechanical but they don't give you the smarmy lines and lie to you like the new car dealerships do.
Bunch of jack wagons......



  1. Haha, gotta love purple! They don't really make a lot of purple colors... and yeah, cash and dealerships isn't that much of a love story as you'd think. You could always go in with intentions to strike a deal, and let them think you want to finance... at least until the price has been set, then bring out your check. They shouldn't be able to change the price, I don't think. Those are really cute cars!

  2. Exbf is in need of a used car. Last time, he had his neighbor drop him off at the door of a used car lot and drive off. So, the guy knew he needed a car to leave. And, he told them he would be paying cash! He paid the price they dictated. Exbf paid too much. Now, he needs another car. He will be buying a car soon, and I will wear a cheap wedding band and go with him!

    Something I was told--green is the worst color for fading and losing it's value. I had a green car, kept in garage and not faded. I drove it 10 years and only put 10K miles on it, including a trip to Mexico and a trip to Canada. I wish I had that 1973 Pontiac.

  3. If I lived on a hill I would have a manual. Less transmission problems and also less brake work as you manually do this to save those things. We only drive manual cars becasue we live in a town that is all hills and grades like Seattle.

  4. I will offer my 10 cents... Not that you asked! We used to be a chev x 2 and honda x 1. My old honda in all her 16 years didnt spend as much time in a garage as the bought new chev van. That and hubs chev car before it were pieces of crap. My son had a pontiac with 50k miles on it. It travelled more wih the front end hooked to a tow truck than on its own power! Presently we are a honda x 3 and mitsubishi x 1 family. Dont ever see myself going back!

    Where we live because of the cold and long winters, high mileage cars don't last.

    My middle son's car I bought privately off of a nice young man. He was asking below market value as he wanted to sell before winter. He had the local honda dealership do the inspection. It only needed tires, which we got with a friends discount. It took me a few months of looking to find what he and I wanted.
    Not purple but its a purty blue. :)

  5. I owned a purple 2000 Dodge/Chrysler Neon when I got my first teaching job. It really was purple :)

  6. When I got my first teaching job, I bought a purple 2000 Chrysler Neon. It really was purple :)


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