Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Having Nightmares About Cars

I am having nightmares about cars at night.
This is getting ridiculous!  I have to get this over with.

Here are where we stand on the 3 cars in contention........
Keep in mind that the out the door price includes PA new tags($230)  and PA taxes (around $1100).

Car #1-in town
2014 Chevy Sonic Hatchback LT
Deep Magenta
11 miles
$19,824 out the door
$18,475 est. car cost before t&t

Car #2-30 mins. away
2014 Chevy Sonic Hatchback LT
Deep Magenta
6 miles
$19,230 out the door
$17,780 car cost before t&t

Car #3-45 mins. away
2013 Chevy Sonic Hatchback LT
2,996 miles(trade-in at Hyundai dealer, 1 owner)
$14,650 out the door
$13,604 est. car cost before t&t

I am also considering a Toyota Corolla I found. It's not a hatchback and it's anything but stylish, but it's a "good car".  And these retain their value better....not that I'm going to trade it in or sell it but still.....

Car #4-45 mins. away
2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco Sedan
1,768 miles(trade-in at Honda dealer, 1 owner)
$18,249 out the door
$16,999 car cost before t&t
(But I can probably get this down a bit more)

Now if I could just put the best price of $14,650 on a Magenta Hatchback Corolla, I'd be sold!

Frankly my head is about to explode.
I have refrained from spending large sums of money so long I am having an extremely hard time just pulling the trigger on this purchase.

It's not that we don't have the money, we do.  Hubs got a bonus this year and we only spent part of it to finish off #2 Son's college fund so I have unaccounted for $ sitting here.  Don't hate me. 8-)
And we need to replace the clunker van.

So my friends, if you were me(and thank goodness for you that you are NOT me!)which car would you buy?




  1. I have had car nightmares, too. But, the nightmares were about wondering if the car would make it to work and being murdered on a backroad because the car broke down.

    Car # 4 would be my choice.

    I think you have been frugal far too long. In order to check for this, go to Rite Aid and buy a Cella chocolate covered cherry without having to buy it to meet a $ goal for a deal. If you cannot turn loose of $0.39, you are Or, we could plan an intervention.

  2. I did not choose a white car because I have a white car. I have a white car because I had 20 white cars to choose from--rentals for sale and only $7K and two years old.

    Did you check to see if it has been wrecked? Look for bondo underneath while it is on the rack. Ask me how I would think of this? No, they don't have to offer the information and if asked, they will lie. Ask me how I know?

  3. I'd go for one of the new cars. I'm perhaps a tad paranoid - but I wonder why someone would trade in a virtually new car. And then I say get the color you want. We keep cars a very long time. So when I buy - I buy what I want (and can afford!) since I know I will have it for many years.

    1. SAK,
      We traded in a one-year-old car that we bought new. The reason: "It's getting old, and it could tear up." I objected and objected, but nothing would do but that we dump that car in a hurry.

      We got a demo, a very fancy car for very little and drove it off the lot. Daddy heard our story and looked under the quarter panel. Wrecked! However, the car was very good mechanically, but the ex wrecked it about ten times in the nine years we had it. He collected the insurance and never had the thing fixed.

      Two weeks later, the salesman called and talked to me when the ex was not there. He said he was going to get that car for his mil, and had had the garage going over it with a fine tooth comb to figure out why we traded it in. He the deal was done and if it had a bad problem, please tell him so his mil would not be buying a problem.

      I told him what my husband said, and the salesman did not believe me. Finally, I just said, "My husband is stupid, okay?"

      We had been married three years. Believe me, if you knew all the things he had done and believed, you would think he was stupid, too. "Service stations do not allow people to go to the bathroom unless you are buying gas."

      Ooops, sorry to write so much, slugmama!

  4. I would go with car #4. I will never buy a car that is brand spanking new because it depreciates as soon as you leave the lot. Usually we steer toward cars that have been used by the staff or manager of the lot for a while. They have ALL the gadgets! and are loads cheaper.

  5. Okay, I have reviewed all of the cars and I gotta tell ya.....If it was me, I'd totally go with #1. Because it is the color that I like and it is in-town. No driving out of town and spending tons of gas to get there. :)

    Oh, and by the way, this is me....A.Marie (formerly My Money Mission). I am finally back to blogging over at WordPress and have a totally new blog. Come visit me. I am lonely over there. haha


  6. Oh, and I forgot to say that I love, Love, LOVE your blog page. How Cool!!!

  7. I'm going with door number 1!
    I am so like you. I get all uptight when I have to spend a chunk of money. Even if I have the money set aside, I still get squirmish. Its just so hard to make!

  8. How do these cars rate as far as MPG goes? this is a huge factor for me. I tend to love Toyotas so without the MPG info, I'm already leaning towards the used Corolla.

  9. Personally, I shy away from American cars. That being said, my husband just traded his two seater hybrid Honda for a big Dodge van. Does the Sonic have good ratings? Have you checked Consumer reports?
    When buying used, always check the carfax report. They are usually available if you ask. You can go online and look up the history of the car.

  10. I would probably go for the cheapest... all things considered, they are all the same. But if color means a lot to you (it didn't to me, though I did love the light blue one), then the extra thousands may be worth it. It is a car you will be keeping for a long time, so make sure you get one you really like!

  11. Since I'm spending YOUR money I'd go for the Corolla! Tee hee! But seriously, I just think the Toyota is the better brand. But what do I know about cars - NOTHING!


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