Friday, May 2, 2014

Rite-Aid Update

Here is what I bought at Rite-Aid since we went away on vacation April 12th.....

Yes, I went to Rite-Aid while on vacation.
This was bought the morning we left Fairhope Alabama.
I had 2 Coupons expiring that day I wanted to use with 2 AdPerk Rite-Aid Qs and a rain check I had and I KNOW once we got on the road Hubs wouldn't want to stop for me to do this transaction. lolz

After Qs and rain check these large bottles of dish soap cost me .50 each.
The baby food was free after rain check(there had been a +Ups Reward Deal for them).
In total with Alabama sales tax on the dish soap, I paid $1.09 for everything pictured.

Then last Saturday, before my $3 +Ups expired I did this.....

2 x select cookies on sale 2/$3=$3.00
I used my $3 +Ups to pay so $0.00 out of pocket.
And I received $1 +Up Rewards for buying these cookies.


I spent a total of $3.46 on $102.42 worth of food/toiletries at Rite-Aid in April.

I'll be laying off Rite-Aid(once I spend that $1 +Ups)for the next few months.  Heading into Summer we are good on the stockpile of most toiletries for now.



  1. Do you pay sales tax on food in PA? I asked my friend in Montgomery to help us do away with sales tax. He agreed, but that was probably to get my vote next time. Did you think our sales tax was high compared to other states?

    1. No sales tax on food in PA.
      PA is 6% on other than food. The county around Pittsburg adds another 1% and Philly adds 2% onto the 6% if you buy items in those places.
      AL has a 4% but once the localities add their cut on, it seems to range from 8.5 to 10.5% depending on the city(tho one place is only 5.5% and another was 12%-yikes!). The only thing exempt I could find was prescription drugs.


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