Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrate Your Mom Bad Self

I woke up to this today.......

A breakfast of French Toast and Bacon that I didn't have to make for a change!

And this.....

My oldest son called me on the phone and my youngest son gave me a card.
My daughter sent this and it arrived a few days ago.....

A Box!!!

Inside was.......

A miniature Gardenia Bush.
She remembered that Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers.

And the enclosed card read.....

This is a family joke.
You can read about it in this post HERE if you are interested.

Happy Mother's Day to all my women friends, and those guys too who've had to be the mother in their kids' lives.




  1. Sounds and looks like a fine day for a fine momma!

    Peace <3

  2. you look you had a nice day!

    my nyla cat woke me at 6:30a with a loud MEOW, a lick on the nose, and a cute card.

  3. Gardenia is my favorite scent of all flowers. However, I don't have a gardenia bush. That was a very good Mother's Day. That bacon looks so good I think I will have bacon and scrambled eggs for dinner.

  4. Happy Mother's Day!! I had french toast on the same plate too this morning :)

  5. Happy Mother's Day Sluggy, I got breakfast too! I still have a stomach ache.

  6. Yum, happy mother's day, sluggy!

  7. Awe!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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